Seven Clothing Pieces Women Wear that Men Secretly Love

Whether you want to look seductive for a date or highlight your natural beauty when out and about, there are various clothing pieces you can wear that men are sure to secretly-love.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket, or a vegan-friendly faux leather jacket, can make you appear mysterious, wild and dominant. That is especially true of black leather jackets. They are much better than baggy, shapeless jackets, and generally, men love a woman in well-fitted leather.


Sure, sundresses have a sex-appeal aspect to them, but many men love to see women in sundresses, not just for that element. A sundress allows you to look even more whimsical and beautiful than you already are. With a sundress, guys will appreciate your natural beauty. Sundresses are perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

High-waisted Jeans

There’s no denying that lots of men like women’s legs. So, high-waisted jeans might not be the best piece of clothing to pass by a male-dominated wolf-whistling building site. But they can be the perfect item of clothing to get a date’s attention. Quite simply, high-waisted jeans make your legs look longer, especially when they are tight-fitting. Wear high heels with your jeans, and your legs will look even longer. So many different types of tops can be worn with high-waisted jeans too, including T-shirts, camisoles, and tank tops. Womens tank tops are all the trend this season, and they’re perfect for the springtime to keep you warm but airy while pulling off a chic look.

Short Shorts

Sticking with the theme of showing off your legs, as summer approaches, you’ll undoubtedly want to have a pair of shorts in your closet. And the shorter they are, the more men will love them. Of course, you don’t want to be overly provocative, so don’t go too short where you’re actually showing your buttocks. But a pair of trendy short shorts will do wonders to show off your legs and make you unbelievably attractive. 

Little Black Dress

The great thing about a classic black dress is it suits every woman, regardless of your size, your hair colour, and the accessories you choose to wear. A simple but elegant-looking black dress screams classiness and sexiness. It can also make you look slimmer. Generally, men can’t get enough of the little black dress.


A pantsuit is such a useful item of clothing; every woman should have one as part of her wardrobe. A pantsuit is ideal for formal appointments and business meetings, as it makes you look professional, elegant, and stylish. Furthermore, you will win men’s hearts easily, as you’ll like a goddess.

Bodycon Dress

If you want to catch men’s attention, a tight-fitting article of clothing is always a winner. You can show off your figure by wearing a short bodycon dress. No matter what colour you choose, a bodycon dress will empower you and make you the center of attention. There probably isn’t a heterosexual male alive who doesn’t secretly love to see a woman in a seductive bodycon dress.

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