Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Coffee Maker in Your Office Kitchen

If you are a manager or a supervisor in an office setting, you may be wondering whether or not it’s worth it to invest in a coffee machine for your office kitchen Rightly so, you should ponder purchasing such an asset, but after you read this list of the top 7 reasons why you should, you’ll be rushing to buy a solid drip machine or your own grind and brew coffee maker. The benefits far outweigh any initial capital you might invest. So, read on if you’re ready to see all the perks of having an office percolator. 

1. Boosts Productivity

This one should be fairly obvious, but many employees need that rush of caffeine to get going in the morning or that extra boost by mid-afternoon, once the post-lunch blues set in. It’s not just a big lunch; science shows that people’s natural biorhythm begins to flag around 2pm. Having that extra dose of caffeine can help increase energy levels, which in turn will increase production. Coffee helps people feel more energized, which can help increase their efficiency in their area. Coffee is known to improve focus, boost energy levels, and improve work efficacy. The higher output of work from your employees will pay off in the long run. Not bad for a humble cup of joe.

2. Promotes Networking and Socializing

The days of bonding over the water cooler have now been replaced by bonding over a cup of joe. When employees take a coffee break, they form important social bonds by talking about work, home stresses, or making small-talk in general. Taking coffee breaks improves overall productivity throughout the day. Furthermore, when they take coffee breaks, coworkers informally brainstorm different worksite problems and come up with solutions—all powered by nature’s stimulant.

3. Improves Mood

Scientific research has shown time and again that caffeine helps elevate mood levels. This in turn helps mental clarity and focus, meaning that workers will increase their productivity and output. The overall environment of the office will improve once the early-morning fatigue is blasted away by a shot of caffeine. Coffee is even shown to help keep depression at bay. By providing coffee for your employees, you are taking an important step in valuing their health and wellness.

4. Promotes a welcoming environment

Having a coffee maker in the office kitchen helps your workers feel valued and appreciated, which in turn will help them increase their output. Having a coffee machine installed is an easy and almost-guaranteed way of making your employees feel at-ease in their work environment. It’s a small way of showing that you care. When you create a comfortable environment, you help reduce the rate of burnout. People have even attested that they would prefer a coffee machine in the office than an end-of-the-year Christmas party! With coffee in hand, workers will feel happier and more satisfied with the company than before. With more satisfied workers, there is a less frequent turnover rate, and a less frequent turnover means saving time and money in the long run.

5. Keeps Employees on site

Rather than having your employees race to the nearest coffeeshop on their break, you can help them save time and money by providing coffee right there in the office. Because, let’s face it—many people are going to need their daily dose of caffeine no matter what, and a ten- or fifteen-minute break might stretch longer, especially if they run into traffic or other unforeseen incident occur. Save your employees the time and aggravation and keep them on-site. They’ll be able to save time and remain focused on the tasks at hand.

6. Has Health Benefits

In addition to improving mood and mental focus, coffee has other health benefits. Research shows that it is an antioxidant, which is great for long-term health. In fact, coffee is the number-one source of antioxidants in a Western diet. Besides all the wonderful benefits of antioxidants, coffee also possesses micronutrients like riboflavin, magnesium, and manganese. Furthermore, coffee drinkers show a lower risk for Type-2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, Parkinson’s, and strokes or heart disease. With the numerous health benefits of coffee, all of your employees can benefit from having a coffee machine in the office.

7. Improves Office Morale—and Morals!

Finally, the overall morale in the workplace will improve by providing employees with a coffee machine. People need to feel appreciated, and providing the world’s most popular beverage is a great place to start. Besides that, coffee can help keep people honest in the workplace. Dishonesty and breaking the rules often comes when people are tired or sleep-deprived. We’ve already mentioned that coffee boosts energy and mood levels; keeping the fatigue at bay can help people stay honest in the workplace—and that will definitely pay off in the long run.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world for a reason. From its health benefits to helping increase energy levels, coffee can help your workers in a variety of ways. Hopefully, this list has made abundantly clear the benefits of having a coffee machine in an office. Your employees will feel appreciated, work output will increase, and there will be an overall improvement in the office environment—and that’s something anyone can get behind.

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