Building Automation Systems: Benefits in Today’s World

If you own a commercial, industrial, or residential building, you might have already considered installing an advanced Building Automation System (BAS). Though, you might ask whether installing a building automation system makes for a smart investment, or if it’s worth the cost? Learning in detail about Building Automation System can help you understand how it benefits you to keep up with today’s fast-paced world.

Building Automation Systems facilitate enhanced control over the various functions of a building, which includes heating and cooling (HVAC), electrical grids, security systems and much more. Additionally, building automation systems offer options of different custom control systems that vary in complexity, which depends on the built and purpose of the building.

Here’s how installing a building automation system can benefit you in today’s world.

1.      Lower Energy Expenditures

With the installation of a building automation system, HVAC and electrical operations run more effectively, which reduces energy consumption levels and helps you save on utility bills.

A building automation system helps you automate the building’s entire operational channel with control devices such as sensors and timers. Along with that, it also enables you to collect and store data about the building’s energy usage and efficiency. It can further help you explore opportunities for possible improvements and rectifications.

Apart from reducing energy usage and costs, smart building automation systems also help reduce the building’s environmental/carbon footprint, which benefits not only you but also the planet.

2.     Enhanced Comfort

A building automation system routinely and automatically adjusts the building’s temperature levels and lighting, which makes it simpler to maintain an intelligent facility.

By improving the comfort of occupants, Building Automation Systems also help minimize complaints. This leads us to our next point – productivity.

3.     Boost Productivity

When you install a Building Automation System for your business, you are implementing smart programmes and control systems that make your workplace highly organized and structured, which ultimately boosts overall productivity.

Apart from keeping your employees comfortable and productive, Building Automation Systems also enable your electrical systems to function more efficiently, without damaging them or leading to expensive repairs. Thus, it saves your daily business operations from any disruptions caused due to machine failures or damages.

4.     Lower Maintenance Costs

Did you know that only 25% of building costs are related to capital expenses, whereas nearly 75% of costs are utilized to operate a building over its life cycle?

With BAS and its control measures, your facility’s systems run efficiently without frequent breakdowns, malfunctions, or failures.

When controlled by a Building Automation System, the various systems of a facility/building network experience less wear and tear, and consequently require less maintenance or repairs.

Nonetheless, you must get your electrical systems and equipment regularly serviced to maximize their service life, whether you have installed BAS or not.

5.     Improved Security

BAS can be connected to your facility’s security systems to monitor, control and create essential back-ups, which increases the level of safety and offers you with peace of mind.

Additionally, such Building Automation Systems can also be used for real-time supervision within the facility. BAS sends smart alerts and notification in case of any suspicious activity.

Similarly, apart from notifications, BAS can also lock or unlock the facility remotely at particular times, given that you have implemented the required software and data collection devices.

The Way Forward For Installing BAS

If you want to install a Building Automation System to operate your facility effectively, consider these benefits and match your business requirements to it. BAS is an investment that lets you enjoy value returns over a period of time.

If you are interested in knowing more about the benefits that a building automation system could offer you, or about the best BAS, then you must get in touch with a professional and get further recommendations.

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