Shopify Seller’s Toolkit-From Customer Support Through Marketing Analytics to Order and Shipping Apps

With the boom in eCommerce caused by COVID-19 and market trends, companies open online stores and expand their brand presence on platforms such as Shopify. Increased competition in eCommerce requires the right tools to stay ahead. Below are top Shopify apps that simplify doing business with tools for creating documents, managing shipping, upgrading customer service, and more.

Wholesale2b Dropshipping by Onlinestorebiz

With the Wholesale2b app, you will be able to boost your online business revenue with a few simple clicks. The app integrates dropship products from a variety of suppliers to one account. Wholesale2b operates with an automated dropshipping solution with which you can import products to your own online- store. You do not need to handle the order and return policies; The wholesale2b app does it for them. Wholesale2b will also grab orders from your store automatically so you can process them with one click only. The team will handle the order with the suppliers for you. Besides, they also offer a service for creating new e-stores. 

  • Over 1 Million Products from over 100 dropship suppliers
  • Control shipping costs
  • You can view your estimated profits/ losses
  • Automatically update out of stock products
  • Variety of programs from $0.00 up to $29.99 a month with a 7- day free trial

AI Fashion Styling by Intelistyle

Provide visitors with a virtual personal fashion consultant. The AI Fashion Styling app interacts with customers through product page recommendations, a fashion chatbot, and a styling platform for sales agents. Customers can receive recommendations for styles and outfits that suit them. Customized for any occasion as well as personal preferences, bodytype, hair, eye, and skin tone. Upselling similar products and personalized recommendations based on previous purchases.

The fashion chatbot provides 24/7  personal styling advice before or after a sale. Sales agents can use the AI to help them advise customers with in-depth knowledge of the latest trends. Detailed attribute tagging saves retailers valuable time and improves their on-site search and SEO. Smart mirrors enhance the in-shop experience, allowing visitors to get styled with the right products. 

·        Outfits and clothes for all occasions and bodytypes

·        Personalized upselling based on customer preferences.

·        Styling Quality that matches or outperforms human stylists.

·        Attribute Tagging

·        One Click integration and Free trial

Attribution Connector by Attribution LLC

Unify all of your marketing data with smart automation. This app automates data collection and integrates with ad platforms and marketing software. Attribution Connector builds automated models from collected data to identify patterns and deliver attribution results. Measure affiliate performance and compare it with other channels. Dashboards provide segmented results by channel, campaign, and touchpoint. This app makes analyzing ROI easier and helps you decide which campaigns and channels are working and which need to be fixed.

●       Automated Data Collection

●       Custom Multi-Touch Attribution Models

●       Reliable Affiliate Marketing Tools

●       Intuitive Dashboards and Results

●       Easy Set-up and Smart Interface

Fetchy by Fetchy

Fetchy simplifies shipping by connecting your account with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify. Any orders that come in will be displayed on the Fetchy dashboard so you can create shipping labels and update inventory. Fetchy locates the highest-quality and most affordable shipping to send your products. Shipping is insured and tracked carefully. 

Fetchy helps owners of businesses of all sizes manage everything related to shipping using top carriers, such as UPS, DHL, and TNT—from creating labels to finding the best prices and tracking parcels. This app is free, with no added charges. 

●       One-Click Integration

●       Shipping by Top Couriers

●       Simplified Invoicing

●       Detailed Order Tracking

●       Free service

CS Custom + Embed Contact Form by Cirkle Studio PVT

This app allows you to create contact forms using drag and drop features. Whether you need Pop Up, Conditional, Testimonial, Quiz, or other types of structures, AJAX and HTML5 technology will prevent the forms from slowing down your site. Send the form to multiple users or a list. Create an embedded form by copying the HTML code and pasting it onto your page. The app maintains the data and integrates with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and other email tools.

●       Customized  Forms

●       Built-in Anti-Spam Technology

●       Simple Integration

●       Copy HTML for Easy Embedded Form

●       Plans range from $4.99 to $12.99 per month with a 7-day free trial.

Maisie AI eCommerce Chatbots by Maisie Technologies

Maisie is your ‘always on’ Shopify sales & support assistant – ready to engage your website visitors in conversations 24/7 x 365 at every stage of their buying journey. Maisie’s conversational engagement platform uses chatbots to drive up conversion rates, capture leads and reduce your support workload, all on autopilot. The app helps shoppers discover products they might like to buy with interactive quizzes and personalised recommendations. It automatically answers common support questions and provides real-time order status updates so you don’t have to. Via exit intent conversations Maisie helps prevent cart and browsing abandonment as well as capture email and Messenger leads for remarketing.

●       Automated product discovery quizzes

●       Abandoned cart & stockout recovery

●       Automated, interactive FAQs

●       Real-time order & shipping status updates

●       Automated remarketing via email, SMS & Messenger

●       30-day free trial and plans from $9 to $179 per month depending on website traffic

Provide Live Support Chat by Provide Support

Connect with customers and provide support wherever you are with Provide Support Live Chat. This app allows you to chat with customers from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Every plan has all of the app’s features, including multiple domains, unlimited chat and website monitoring. Access chat statistics to monitor progress. The app lets you choose between pop up or embedded chat windows and chat button customizations.

●       Unlimited Chats

●       Supports Multiple Domains

●       Chat Customizations

●       24/7 Live Product Assistance

●       3 Plans ranging from $15 to $60 per month.

Consolto VideoChat by Consolto

This VideoChat turns every website into a fully featured virtual office in just a few clicks. 

Their app is centered around videoconferencing, combines scheduling, persistent messaging, invoicing and analytics all wrapped up nicely in one package. 

Consolto simplifies and organize videocalls for businesses with its unique one-click conferencing software. Unlike other similar apps like zoom or google meets, businesses can offer conferencing with their websites or a landing page dedicated page.

●       Turn any website to a conferencing powerhouse

●       persistent messaging

●       Money transfer support

●       Inbuilt consumer analytics

●       3 Plans ranging from $10 to $39 per month.

Every Shopify store needs the right apps to attract and engage customers, encourage sales, track and analyze data, and expedite shipping. These apps save time and money and allow you to focus on running your business and developing new products.

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