Why Product Reviews Are Important From a Consumer’s Perspective

Are you gathering enough reviews for your products?

You may feel that your product description and advertising copy are the key areas to focus on, and reviews might seem like a “nice to have” afterthought.

Reviews are crucial for your business, though. From the consumer’s perspective, they’re vital for finding the perfect product – and an astonishing 95% of customers are influenced by online reviews.

Here’s why:

Consumers (Generally) Find Product Reviews Trustworthy

Consumers don’t trust advertisements, but they do trust reviews.

This can be particularly the case when reviews are provided on third-party websites, such as

Customer reviews are just as effective as word of mouth. From a customer perspective, reviews show what their peers are saying about a product.

Customers recognize that different users may have different experiences of a product, so most customers will read multiple reviews. However, they will trust the overall impression supplied by the reviews.

Counterintuitively, bad reviews can actually help sell your product. This is because the presence of a few bad or middling reviews helps indicate that the reviews are honest.

Consumers may become suspicious of a product that has nothing but 5 star reviews. Even if you have full control over the reviews that are displayed for your product, it’s worth including a small number of critical reviews.

Reviews Give Consumers Detailed Context

Reviews give customers detailed information about your product. In some cases, this might be difficult for you to supply through the product description and specifications alone.

By reading reviews, customers may look to understand whether your product will suit their particular situation.

They may also be looking for verification of your claims about the product. If the manufacturer says the product is durable and will last for years, then consumers will look for reviews from people who’ve owned it for a long period of time.

Reviews Help Make Your Products More Visible

Another benefit of reviews for consumers, and for you, is that reviews help make your products more visible.

Reviews often use the same language that people searching for your product will use. Plus, they add extra content to your products’ pages. This can give your SEO (search engine optimization) a real boost.

Consumers Like to Provide Reviews of Products They Purchase

You might feel that consumers are unlikely to want to take the time to review your product: after all, once they own the product and are using it, why would they bother coming back to review it?

But the truth is that many people like to review products. As many as 10% of customers habitually review products, and a further 51% sometimes do so.

The ability to leave a positive review of a product may even help consumers to feel more engaged with your brand,

3 Ways to Attract More Customer Reviews

If you’re looking to attract more reviews from your customers, here are a few simple things you can do:

#1: Make it easy and quick to leave a review. If you sell your products through a platform like Amazon or eBay, then you can’t influence this – but if you accept reviews on your own site, make sure it’s as straightforward as possible for consumers to review your product.

#2: Send an email to ask for a review, ideally within a week of the purchase. Simply doing this could result in as much as an 18% response rate.

#3: Share good customer reviews on social media. This not only helps get reviews in front of more potential customers, it also reminds your existing customers about leaving a review.

Reviews matter – more than you may realize. Don’t underestimate their importance to consumers, and do make sure you’re proactive in encouraging reviews.Retail Insider

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