10 Travel Tips for International Retailers

By Mark Blackwood

One of the most important aspects of being an international retailer is learning from others and knowing what elements can be copied to establish a solid position in the international market. Starting with international business ethics and up to the ways how copyright matters must be dealt with, traveling is an inevitable part that must be considered when striving for international success.

  1. Make an outline for your trip. The best thing you can do as a retailer is coming up with a preliminary outline or a plan for your foreign trip. Be as detailed as you can and include anything from hotel booking, the meetings, transportation expenses, times of leisure, and so on. While it may take some time, it always pays off.
  1. Keep your travel documents translated by certified professionals. Start your travels with the list of documents, insurance, and the immunization card check. It is recommended to do so in advance and make sure that nothing is missed. Turn only to certified language experts! It is a guarantee that your papers meet all international travel standards.
  1. Learn more about the sociocultural aspects of the foreign country. Do not forget about learning the basics regarding the cultural peculiarities of a place that you hope to visit as a retailer. Learn not only about marketing principles but focus on all the social factors that may be in place. It will help to avoid cultural clash issues!
  1. Compare theoretical and practical retail methods by entering the land. It is a known fact that working remotely in the retail sector is not the same as actually visiting the country and communicating face to face. Remember to compare your existing knowledge with practical experience.
  1. Establish business contacts. Once you have formed at least the basic knowledge about the country and the possibilities it offers, consider forming a list of business contacts that may be helpful. It can be anything from cooperation to expanding one’s product line internationally as a separate unit. Do not be afraid to ask people about business contact information and seek recommendations.
  1. Participate in various conferences and exhibitions on the subject. Do not ignore an opportunity to participate in local conferences and visit the exhibitions to see marketing and retailing methods. Even if something seems old-fashioned to you, it may be precisely the only way that works for the locals.
  1. Keep your marketing and advertising products properly translated. Do not cut the corners as you translate your marketing slogans, product descriptions, and proposals for foreign investors. As a solution, check PickWriters to learn more about why it is important to consider every cultural aspect of translation. It is especially valid in the retail sector of Arabic and Asian countries.
  1. Analyze various case study examples as you travel. When you plan to travel, remember to look through the latest news in the retail sector and explore the success stories that relate to your particular product line. Starting with the list of international retailers in Canada to the differences between Germany and Austria, such an approach will help you to learn and succeed.
  1. Learn Local Marketing Styles. Analyze everything that you encounter as you travel and learn how to implement various marketing standards. Even if it is not common in your native country, be flexible enough to learn. Compare and contrast the methods that you use.
  1.  Keep digital or handwritten notes. Remember to keep notes of your travels, which will not only help to form a report but will be a great foundation as you start expanding your retail efforts internationally.

A Quick Word on the Quality of Your Document Translation Services

As we mentioned above, it’s important to use certified language experts when translating anything for foreign audiences. The quality of the document translation services that you use reflects directly on you, your products, and your brand, whether it’s your marketing presentation, your product catalogue, or simply your business cards. If your aim is to inspire confidence – and if you’re trying to crack foreign markets, it certainly should be – then you’ll need an experienced, established translation company on board in order to do so. If your aim is to inspire confidence – and if you’re trying to crack foreign markets, it certainly should be – then you’ll need an experienced, established translation company on board in order to do so.

The Safety Reminder

Most importantly, remember about personal safety as you travel and share information that relates to your company. Make sure that anything that must be kept private is not within anyone’s reach. Upload information to various secure cloud services, take notes and pictures of every crucial stage, keeping your medical card and ID always by your side.


As an author, Mark likes to explore the link between culture, education, and retailing as he seeks the most efficient solutions. His posts offer practical retail tips that are easy to implement all over the world. Follow Mark to help your professional vision become expanded.

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