Looking for a Sign? Here are Different Types of Signage for Your Business

Starting a business is hard. It requires a lot of focus, motivation, and willingness to learn. It also takes a very long time before you can see the product of your hard work. No one starts a business without thinking it through repeatedly.

That is why, before you start a business, you need to consider every little thing. From name to location to type of service- all of these are essential factors that shouldn’t be overlooked. Your business’ signage is one of them.

Signage reinforces your brand’s name and image. They are useful tools that can help draw attention to your business, promoting your brand with just one look. It’s a part of your marketing strategy since it’s exposed to the public 24/7. There is no doubt that signage has a massive impact on your business. It is, after all, the first thing your customers see.

All about Signs

Signage is an integral part of a business. It’s a critical visual element made from signs and symbols to communicate with people and potential customers. The design and graphic information will tell your customers what your business is about or what services you offer. Having signage is a nifty way to convey information and attract customers without using a lot of words.

Signage has been around ever since the start of civilization. Just like today, it had been used not only in business but also with different affiliations and other groups. When consumer culture began to rise steadily, the use of signage for businesses became the norm. Shops, no matter what service they offer or the products they sell, need signage to build their business.

Types of Signage

Here are the types of signages to choose from:

Sidewalk Signs

Also called A-Frame signs, sidewalks signs are the signs we see placed on the sidewalk. These types of signs offer business establishments, especially small businesses, advertisement directly in the line of sight of people passing by. It’s practical, portable, and affordable compared to other types of signage.

Signs that offer changeable designs are one of the most popular types of sidewalk signs. It gives business owners to change what is displayed on the board once in a while. Whether you’re lowering prices or adding a new deal, sidewalk signs can be used to show and display the information to the public easily.

Roll-Up Banners

Affordable and cost-effective, roll-up banners, sometimes called roller banners or pull up banners, are a great addition to your business venture. Just like sidewalk signs, they are portable and can be reused for years despite continuous use. It has a metal frame as a support, and the banner can be changed if the business owner decides.

It takes up little space but can show a lot of information compared to other signs, and can be used in either an indoor or outdoor setting. With the right design, this simple yet effective banner will surely catch the eye of your customers.  

Pylon Sign

A pylon sign is a freestanding sign mounted to one or two-pole structures. Because of its height, they are sometimes called highway signs or road signs and can catch the attention of an audience even from a distance. Businesses situated by a highway mostly use a pylon sign.

These signs can be illuminated or not, but the former is recommended so the sign can still be seen at nighttime. With pylon signs, your business can stand out or even be used as a landmark. It’s a great way to catch your customers’ eyes and attract them to your shop.

Wall-Mounted Signs

Like how its name suggests, wall-mounted signs are walls that are installed directly on a wall. It can be placed either inside or outside of your business. They come in different varieties and can save a lot of space.

Wall-mounted signs are also great signs for lobby areas, stimulating the first impression on your business whenever guests and customers enter the building. It can come in the form of plain metal or illuminated sign. One of the most popular designs are customized backlit lobby signs, which are illuminated with low-voltage, LED lights.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are space-saving signage for your business. It maximizes the bland and empty window space at your building’s wall. With this type of sign, you can have a practical way of showcasing your brand’s logo.

This type of signage has a wide range and variety. Stickers and decals seen on a store’s window are under this category. These signs are easy to change and very cost-effective compared to signs that require sculpting.


Building a business means that you also need to create a name for it. Signage is what gives your customers their first impression on your products/services. Giving thought on how you present your brand is just as important as how you run your business. After all, signage is a big part of your marketing strategy.

Author Bio

Rebecca Nelson is a marketing strategist and freelance writer based in Brooklyn. She enjoys writing, reading and painting during her free time. Aside from marketing, Rebecca is well versed in topics revolving around art and graphic design.

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