4 Ways to Keep Energy Costs Low During Lockdown

COVID-19 has made life a living hell. With many countries under lockdown, it is tough to stay at home and do nothing. Moreover, with the scorching heat outside, you can’t even relax under the sun for too long. You will eventually have to come inside, fire up the AC, and rest indoors. Amidst all this, you may not realize the amount of electricity you are using every day. Staying home means you use the AC more than you would normally. You use the fans, lights, and other appliances more frequently too.

All this could ramp up your electric bill to a point where you couldn’t afford to pay for it. But you can keep your energy bills under control if you follow the tips below.

1. Use fans instead of ACs

Air conditioners consume the lion’s share of your energy bills every month. During this lockdown, try using fans instead of ACs to keep your room cool and comfortable. Only use ACs when the temperature in the room becomes unbearable. Unless you use an inverter AC, it is hard to keep the energy bills down during summer. Make the most of ceiling fans and table fans to keep cooling costs to a minimum.

2. Hang heavy drapes on windows

The idea is to prevent the hot air from coming into your rooms. Hanging heavy drapes will serve that purpose. They don’t allow the glaring sun to warm up your rooms, thus preventing you from using the AC frequently. You should try this on the windows of your bedroom and living room, considering that these are the two rooms that you use the most during the lockdown.

3. Installing damper actuators

Damper actuators or belimo actuators adjust the airflow in your air conditioner. Electric damper actuators with low-power consumption feature will come in handy to control energy usage during the lockdown. If you manage to install one of these actuators, you may be able to use the air conditioner more frequently. But you will need the help of a professional to install this device. Try your luck to find an AC repair service in your neighborhood who can install a damper actuator for your AC.

4. Use candles instead of bulbs

You can spend most parts of the evening using candles instead of light bulbs. With the lockdown not showing signs of going away anytime soon, it is best to make the most of the candles you have at home. You can buy a bunch of them when the lockdown stops. But using them now can help save a significant amount of money on energy bills. Only use light bulbs in the bathroom and kitchen. Using candles will also create that romantic ambiance in the house that light bulbs cannot.

A few small efforts can help you save on energy bills significantly during the lockdown. You don’t need to go out of your way and do something extravagant to cut down energy costs. Follow the tips above and see the results on your energy bill next month.

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