GamCare Certificate: Why do Operators Need it?

Apart from the UK Gambling Commission, many organizations were released to reduce the problem related to gambling in the UK. According to the survey results, more than 2 million people are at risk to experience gambling problems there. That is probably the reason why this country hasn’t stopped improving its policy to prevent and treat those who are affected by gambling harms. Since the UK has a large online gambling market, some organisms were established to promote safe gambling. 

GamCare is one of the independent charities created to implement responsible gambling by preventing vulnerable people from becoming compulsive gamblers. Launched in 1997, GamCare runs the National Gambling Helpline and has offered its service across England, Scotland, and Wales. As this centre for support and information rewards a certificate to the deserve operators, what is the importance of this certification?

GamCare Duties

GamCare is a kind of doctor in the British gambling industry as it sensitizes the public about the possible gambling impacts. As a matter of fact, this organization applies its policy with three main duties such as helping the players who experience gambling problems, working with the gambling operators, and offering prevention and public education. 

Also, this organization helps those people who have self-excluded themselves with Gamstop and have problems willing to play games such as poker not on Gamstop at CasinoGap or others that are not signed up to Gamstop. Concerning the first responsibility to work with the gamblers who face gambling problems, those who need assistance can contact this independent UK charity through telephone (Helpline) or online (NetLine). Apart from that, the specialists and counsellors are available for anyone facing difficulties due to gambling. This free treatment is not only for the gambler but also for their partners, family members, friends, and relatives. The contribution of those around them can obviously lead to a better result. The service can be reached 24/7 with confidential treatment and support.

Moreover, this national centre for information is involved in a second mission to cooperate with gambling companies. This body’s approach requires the operators to implement effective policies related to protecting their customers. Those who arrived to achieve their goals will be granted a certificate from GamCare. Finally, this organization educates and raises awareness about the risks that the gamblers can experience. This sensitization and education enable the target people to be aware of gambling drawbacks leading them to make the right decision. Bundled with this education system, GamCare also provides a scheme adapted to the teenager.

Holding GamCare Certificate: Is it Overwhelmingly Advantageous to the Operator?

As stated above, one of GamCare’s systems is to work with the gambling operators to understand more the gamblers’ problems. This organization collaborates with these companies in order to apply effective strategies to protect vulnerable gamblers and improve social responsibility. Both the land-based and online gambling firms are required to implement strong approaches to prevent troubles associated with gambling as according to the statistics the problem is more than real. 

A certificate from this well-reputed charity agency is offered to those who arrived to achieve successfully their goals. This certificate is, thus, a kind of passport that enhances the reputation of the betting and gaming companies. Today, the competition to get the certificate is fierce and most of the renowned betting and gaming companies hold this so-called certificate. These firms advise and offer practical help in terms of the impact of gambling on society. 

This certification is important to reach high standards in gambler protection. Therefore, it is not surprising if these certified operators’ reputation increases because the British players are in a quest for the safest and the most regulated physical and web-based gambling firms. To receive GamCare certification, the companies have to accomplish a high level of protecting the players and providing social responsibility. In fact, they are required to apply the practices like self-exclusion programs for higher risk gamblers, age verification approaches, and controls for players’ spend. Furthermore, these gambling operators have also to implement systems on training their customer services by adding a gambling awareness scheme.


To answer the question about the importance of the GamCare certificate, operators need it to improve their popularity and show that they take part in the idea to make gambling safer in the UK. Since GamCare is the leading national provider of treatment, training, education, assistance, advice, and information, several remote and non-remote gambling firms want to work with this entity. The customers’ protection must be paramount to every operator running businesses within the UK not only in the goal to win the famous certificate but also to promote safe and responsible gambling there.

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