What Were the Most Purchased Walmart Items in 2020?

Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Arkansas, Walmart has since expanded to the second-largest retail entity (after Amazon) in the world. Since customers are magnetically attracted to the exceptional, to create a loyal customer base, a business has to do something different that distinguishes it from the competition. Notably, Walmart has ruthlessly sacked the attention of shoppers by focusing on low prices that feature a plethora of goods, including groceries, household essentials, health and beauty products, apparel, footwear, and much more. Whatever goods you might be looking for, you are likely to find them in the endless online catalog of Walmart or the aisles of their physical stores. 

Unraveled in the subsequent paragraphs are the most sold items at the giant retail store in 2020. They include:

  1. Bananas

As one of the few strategically positioned retailers to navigate the global COVID-19 pandemic successfully, most people can easily conclude that Walmart sold thousands of household goods, including toiletries, face masks, and handsoaps. While this may be true, the number one selling item on the giant’s catalog is bananas. Walmart sold bananas in billions, most likely because they are a highly convenient and delicious snack with lots of nutritional benefits. 

  1. Exercise bikes and other fitness essentials

The COVID-19 related measures, including social distancing and work-from-home routines, forced many individuals to sideline their regular fitness routines that involved visiting the gym, enrolling in group fitness classes, or jogging around with friends. After days of spending long hours indoors and missing on the usual ways of keeping fit, many people invested in exercise bikes and other fitness essentials to help them revamp their old exercise routines. With a Walmart promo code, many might have rediscovered their fitness journeys at a more affordable budget. 

  1. Kids toys 

As families spent more time at home in 2020, parents sought more ways to keep kids engaged with learning-based toys. Compared to the preceding years,  Walmart experienced a surge in high-tech toys that foster creativity in young minds, such as the Sensory FX ASMR Mega Bar and the Fujifilm Instax  Camera. Furthermore, to inspire imagination in the young minds for hours, Gotta Go Flaming, Squeakee, and Disney Princess Vanity are some of the interactive toys that were broadly sought by shoppers. 

  1. Storage containers

In 2020, a significant percentage of the population seemed to have established a good relationship with storage containers. During the pandemic, food storage must have taken a whole new trajectory, with most people investing in storage containers to make storing and dispensing of ingredients, preserving the freshness of herbs and spices, and preservation of leftovers super convenient. Most of the storage containers offered at Walmart have received high praises from customers for being microwave-safe, dishwasher friendly, and BPA-free. 

  1. Coffee makers

Whether tired of watered down coffee from old coffee makers or making an initial purchase, most buyers trusted Walmart as the most trusted seller for coffee makers that promise a perfect brew. The retailer offers a variety of outstanding options that promises years of service. 

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