Why is GoldCo Held in Such High Regards?

GoldCo is a bullion dealer that operates nationwide across the United States, with its headquarters in California. Even if they provide general bullion investment, they are well-known for their provision of Gold Individual Retirement Account (IRAs). Over the past years, they have consistently been among the highest-rated bullion dealers. This article tackles why GoldCo is held in such high regard.

Main Services

Before delving into the particular ratings of GoldCo in different aspects, it is a good idea to take a look into its main services. The company sells bullion bars and coins, usually as a part of gold IRA within secure vaulting. This helps their clients protect their wealth through diversification and hedging.

IRA Process

If you are keen on engaging with the company, you need to initiate contact with them. From there, they will assign a specific advisor that you can talk to. As soon as you are committed to proceeding with the investment, you will be given a phone appointment with a Gold IRA before you can establish a new account. When there are already funds in your account, another client executive will communicate with you to help you when it comes to the selection of bullion bars and coins. The inventory will be placed directly in your account at your chosen secure depository.

GoldCo Ratings

  • Metals Selection

One of the reasons why GoldCo is held in high regard is that they have an above-average rating when it comes to metals selection. Perhaps the deficiency stems from their limited stock lines which are mostly composed of the most popular mints and brands. Special orders tend to experience delays that span a couple of weeks. Still, when it comes to metals selections, they have an overall rating of 81%.

  • Metals Premium

Another reason why GoldCo is held in high regard is that when it comes to metals premium, they have an overall rating of 96%, which is considered excellent. Compared to other gold IRA specialists, they have high volumes in trade on their most commonly bought items. While you may find that GoldCo’s pricing may be more expensive compared to other dealers, their value-added services make up for the price that you have to pay.

  • Storage Costs

GoldCo also fares excellently when it comes to storage costs, having an overall rating of 92%. This can be attributed to the fact that their IRA storage fees are among the lowest that you will be able to find in the market. They even offer free storage at certain minimum orders. Even without this deal though, they still provide a significant saving opportunity compared to other dealers offering percentage-based fees.

  • Shipping Costs

When it comes to shipping costs, GoldCo again fares excellently with an overall rating of 91%. The reason behind this is that their shipping prices are already included in their low IRA fees. You may even get the chance to enjoy free shipping should you meet a certain order minimum. This is another reason why GoldCo is seen as one of the best dealers in the marketplace.

  • Customer Care

Finally, GoldCo is also rated as excellent when it comes to customer care. Having an overall rating of 97% for this section, you may deem that GoldCo truly stands out. Almost all of their clients are happy with all the aspects of the company’s customer service. While you may come across negative feedback from time to time, these reviews are considerably low especially with a company operating on this scale.

For all the reasons listed above, GoldCo has been held in high regard. The goldco bbb ratings even soar to 4.91 stars out of five with an average of 76 customer reviews. But keep in mind that customer reviews are not used in the specific calculation of BBB rating. Rather the overall rating is based on the information that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can garner about the business, as well as public data sources.

BBB Rating Elements

  • Complaint History

One of the primary elements of BBB ratings is the complaint history of a business with BBB. This means that BBB takes note of the number of complaints filed against the business, as well as the size of the business. They also consider whether the business has appropriately responded to the complaints or whether the complaints have been resolved promptly.

  • Type and Time of Business

Aside from the complaint history, BBB ratings are also based on the type of business, as well as the time that it has been in operation. More often than not, the ratings are lowered if the business is the type of enterprise that is most likely to raise marketplace concerns. On the other hand, the length of the time that a business has been in operation will also have a significant impact on the rating that they obtain from BBB.

  • Transparent Business Practices

BBB also considers whether a business implements transparency, with the rating of a business being lowered in case this standard is not duly fulfilled. For instance, if a business fails to provide complete information about the product and services that they offer, or if it uses fraudulent addresses, then expect a lower BBB rating. On the other hand, higher BBB ratings can be expected from businesses that are transparent about their marketplace conducts.

  • GoldCo Complaints

Even if GoldCo is held in high regard by many, there are still a few complaints about the company, although largely rare. The most common complaints stem from small misunderstandings between an individual broker and a client, which are often sorted in no time. The complaints that GoldCo receives are never about non-delivery, miss-selling, or other more serious problems.

GoldCo is known to have the best advisors who will be able to provide you with the liberty to make your own investment decisions without any pressure. This reason alone is already sufficient for most people to put the company in high regard. Rest assured that their financial advisors are always willing to help and provide assistance whenever you need their aid in making the right choice to suit your investment needs and preferences.

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