5 Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

A common issue with an e-commerce store is shopping cart abandonment. This happens when a customer would add items to their cart without checking out and paying for them. While it may seem to be a harmless act, it can dramatically decrease your sale. 

First, you need to find out why your customers are abandoning their shopping carts. It could be an error with the payment method, the shipping fee is too high, or the promo code doesn’t work. 

Apart from your abandoned shopping carts, you also need to focus on your shipping methods so that you can allow your customers to have a great experience shopping at your store. You can check for guides online like Red Stag Fulfillment to know how you can ship your orders fast.

Moreover, listed below are the ways you can reduce shopping cart abandonment: 

  • Allow Smooth Payment Method

Some e-commerce stores just happen to have a complicated payment system in which a user needs to accomplish certain forms and instructions to pay for their products. While you might think that you need the additional information for your database, you’re chasing your customers away. 

When your customers have difficulty paying, they can think that the business is illegitimate, especially when it asks for too much method and payment information. Ideally, you should only allow for a smooth transaction wherein all they need to do is to give you their card information, and they’re good to go. 

Apart from paying using their card, it’ll also be helpful if you could allow for other payment options for your guests. They can use different online digital wallets or choose to pay cash on delivery. In this way, they can have various options to pay, encouraging them to check out their shopping carts. 

  • Follow-Up Through Email

If your e-commerce requires people to log in to your website to make a purchase, you could send them a gentle follow-up message about the items they left in their cart. 

You can never know why a customer suddenly abandoned their cart. It could be budget constraints or an emergency that they need to attend to, making them forget to complete their purchase. With that, a simple reminder on their email shouldn’t hurt. 

One great way to entice your customers to check out their carts is by informing them once a particular product on their cart is running low on stocks. This way, they can rethink and consider purchasing as they don’t want to wait for too long to purchase what’s in their cart.

  • Offer Free Shipping

In other cases, people tend to abandon their shopping carts when they see the shipping fee’s price on top of their purchase. While some businesses can offer a cheap shipping fee, some people just cannot afford that additional payment, especially with a tight budget. 

To entice your customers into paying for your goods, you could offer free shipping for all of your products. However, if you cannot afford to provide free shipping for every product you have, you could set a minimum amount that the customers need to reach to enjoy free shipping.

  • Enable Guest Check-Out

If you’d like your customers to create an account on your e-commerce site so that you could have a proper database about their information, it’s best that you allow them to enter their credentials when they visit your website. If you choose to enable them to log in once they’re ready for check-out, they might lose interest as there’ll be another step to take.

To minimize cart abandonment, you should enable guest check-out wherein customers can simply put in their names, shipping address, and payment details to proceed with their orders. In this way, they no longer have to go through the trouble of creating an account and verifying through email. 

  • Minimize Load Time

When your check-out process takes too long to load, it’ll not make your customers feel confident with purchasing your products as they think that there’s something wrong going on with your website. Ideally, your website should load for only about one to two seconds before proceeding to the next page. 

If you cannot provide a speedy load time response during the payment method, especially not displaying any progress status of the order, it’ll only give an impression that the payment won’t go through successfully and that you’ll be charging their cards twice. 

To reduce your website’s load time, call for a web developer’s help and look for ways to decrease the load time. It could reduce the animation or size of the website’s images or whichever factor is making your website load slow. 


Shopping cart abandonment is never a good thing to happen to your store as it’s potential profit lost. While it’s frustrating to see the increase of cart abandonment on your website, you should first find out why that’s happening and look for ways to decrease the number. 

Always learn your website and try to explore yourself and think of yourself as your customer and which ones you think would be factors.

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