6 Surprising Products Now being Sold Online

Today, online shopping is easier than ever and the selection of products that you can get your hands on online is growing at a rapid rate. While most of us are now used to the idea of going online when we need groceries, clothing, new electronics, or items for around the home, there are still, however, some surprising products that most of us might not have expected to see. From items that you would traditionally have to be there in person to buy to items that most of us might not have expected to be available to the general public, here’s a list of some of the most surprising and interesting things that you can buy online.

Glasses and Contact Lenses:

In the past, you’d have to purchase your new glasses in the store after your appointment. If your prescription had changed and your optometrist recommended new glasses, you would have the option of either having your lenses in your current glasses updated or buying a new pair, which you would usually order from the selection available. But now, there’s more on offer and the chance to save money by buying your glasses online and even contact lenses from online stores such as

Online frames stores allow you to simply enter your prescription and order the glasses that you like to be delivered to your home. Many companies will also send out frames for you to try on free of charge, so there’s no need to worry about buying frames that don’t suit you. Check out this Lensabi review for more information on one of the top providers.

Hidden Cameras:

Something that most of us probably thought was only useful for spies – you can now surprisingly buy hidden cameras online, whether you’re looking to protect your house, your car, or even yourself, they can be a good buy. Hidden cameras are designed to be discreet and often look like something inconspicuous in your home, such as a USB wall charger. Whether you’re a business owner in a new location or you have just hired somebody new to work in your home, this can provide peace of mind and help you err on the side of caution.

Weight Loss Earrings:

Most people lose weight through diet and exercise and most of us probably never imagined a day where earrings could help you reach your fitness goals. But today, you can purchase biomagnetic ear stickers online that you wear to lose weight. They work by applying pressure to a specific part of the ear, acting as a form of acupuncture and helping to stimulate blood flow. Several acupuncturists have confirmed that there is some validity to using these magnets to help with weight loss, so they might be worth investing in if you want to shed some extra pounds.

Cat Self Groomers:

Cats can be wonderful pets but depending on the breed of cat that you have, grooming can be time-consuming. Grooming is important for long-haired cats, but if you struggle to find the time to groom your pet or have a cat who doesn’t particularly enjoy being groomed, it’s not always easy. Thankfully, you can now find cat self-grooming products online that provide a handy solution. You can simply place the tool on any corner wall in your house where your cat can use it to brush themselves and get a good scratch in the process.

Toilet Night Lights:

Have you ever struggled to find the toilet in the middle of the night when you get up and stumble to the bathroom? The answer to a problem that you might not have even realized you had is a toilet night light. You simply hang it inside the toilet bowl, where it lights it up from within. Even better, if you have a smart hub device like a Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can even find Wi-Fi-connected lights that you can turn on with your voice before you get out of bed. Plus, they look awesome and come with a range of different colors to choose from.

Furniture Assembly:

Ordered flat-pack furniture from IKEA or another store and don’t want the hassle of putting it up? Depending on the item, some furniture can take the best part of a day to assemble and might be frustrating to do if you’re not a professional. Thankfully, you can hire people online to assemble your furniture for you.

Apps like Airtasker have become extremely popular for finding people to do jobs like this for you for a small fee or you can hire furniture assembly directly from Amazon if you purchase your furniture from them.

While most of us are familiar with online shopping and use it on a regular basis, there are plenty of surprising things that you might not have known you could order online. Which one has surprised you the most?

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