Useful SEO Tactics Nobody Tells You About

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the top tactics used in digital marketing campaigns today. Through various processes, SEO helps you reach the top of the results pages on Google and other search engines. It’s something that even small companies can make use of, though it seems that many don’t know how.

SEO doesn’t need to be too challenging and it can be extremely effective. There is plenty to learn about the basics as well as some extra useful SEO tactics that you may not have heard before. Let’s take a look…

The Basics of SEO

If you haven’t heard of SEO before, these are the basics. When you search for something online, you’re likely to select one of the top results to click through to, right? So, if you’re marketing a business, you want to be ranked up there near the top. This is vital for eCommerce businesses and anyone looking to boost their brand.

Google and other search engines use clever bots called web crawlers to do this ranking. These bots spend their entire existence crawling the web and ranking sites through various methods, the most common of which is by their backlinking profile.

Backlinking means how many other websites link to your page. For example, if you are an insurance company with 10,000 websites linking to your home page, you’ll rank higher than a competitor with only 5,000 backlinks. It’s not quite that simple though, your backlinks need to be placed in high-quality content on high-quality websites. Google’s bots are clever enough to discard sites full of random links or sites with a low rating themselves. You can’t, then, just create a site with thousands of links to try and boost your profile!

The Professionals Can Help

In most cases, people hire a professional, local SEO company to help them manage their SEO campaigns. It’s a lot of work for a company to try and take on by themselves. You need content writers, people managing the placement of the links, and teams doing quality control. You also need to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign.

This is why an SEO company should be your first port of call. Search your local area by searching for Master SEO in Toronto, for example. This will help you find a local, trusted SEO company to help you launch and manage your campaign. These guys are professionals, they know all the tricks and they will be able to ensure your content is posted on top blogs and websites. Plus, they’ll almost certainly provide you with a no-obligation quote or discussion about your targets with SEO.

Extra Tactics

So, the basics involve writing and backlinking. But, there’s so much more to SEO than that. While quality articles with strong backlinking make up a large majority of most SEO company’s methods. The game has gotten a little more complicated. Below are some of the extra tactics that no one usually mentions, but that top teams will always use.

1. Design With Mobile in Mind

Since the web crawlers started their work and experts learned the system, the way people use the internet has rapidly adapted. Quickly, mobile devices have become the main way people access the web, with 90% of the 4 billion active internet users using mobile a majority of the time.

So, SEO has had to adapt. Google’s bots now rank websites higher if they are properly optimized for mobile browsing. That means if you design a site with only desktop browsing in mind and your page functions poorly on mobile devices, you’re effectively going to lose marks. Design with mobile in mind and help boost your SEO profile.

2. Optimize for Voice

Another rapid adaptation in the way people browse the internet has been the dawn of smart devices in the home. These voice-controlled devices, like Amazon’s Alexa, have changed the way people search for things. Instead of typing a few keywords into a browser, people are asking Alexa, Siri, or Google to find something by using more descriptive sentences.

For example, in-text you might type “buy cat food,” whereas while speaking to Siri, you might say “Hi Siri, what food is best for cats?” This means that Google has started ranking sites with more detailed keywords higher. Use the right keywords, and you’ll be found by both vocal and typed searchers.

3. YouTube can Help

YouTube is one of the biggest websites on the net. It was recently revealed that YouTube has 2.3 billion active users. That’s almost a third of the planet’s population! This often means YouTube videos are at the top of the results pages. The question is, how do you get your video up there?

YouTube has its own methods of pushing videos up the results pages, though they are very similar in many ways. For example, good titles with keywords included perform better than similar videos with poorly worded titles. Then, the description is read much like a list of keywords, too, meaning you should be as thorough in your description as possible. This tells your customers and YouTube/Google exactly what your video is about, helping it to be boosted in the right places. YouTube is huge and definitely should not be ignored.

4. Backlinks Should Be Diverse

Finally, back to backlinking. As mentioned, backlinks need to be of high quality and placed on decent websites to be effective. But, there’s more to the method than that. As well as placing links on high-quality websites viewed as big-hitters, you need to target nice and smaller websites too. Though you may fear this is a waste of time or ineffective, the clickthrough rates are often much higher through niche pages, making them crucial to building your profile. Also, a website that only has links from huge websites can easily appear too good for Google’s bots, leaving you open to manual review.

So, using these bonus tactics can really help you boost your SEO plan. Get a team and ask them to help you build a program that encompasses all of these methods and ideas. You’ll soon see the traffic build and the sales increase.

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