5 Best-Selling Bags From Chanel

Since they usually retain their original value, Chanel designer bags are one of the most popular luxury designer bags in the market. They are not just durable, but they are also timeless. Chanel bags never go out of style. Once you find a Chanel bag that most suits your style, you can get Chanel shipped internationally.  

Chanel has a wide range of bags, but some of the best selling Chanel bags are;

  1. Chanel 2.55 Reissue
  2. Chanel Boy Bag
  3. Chanel Classic Flap
  4. Chanel Grand Shopping Tote
  5. Chanel Gabrielle 
  1. Chanel 2.55 Reissue

The Chanel 2.55 is an iconic and possibly the most coveted Chanel bag of all time. It is easily the most recognized Chanel bag.

Chanel 2.55 was first designed in February 1955, hence the name. 

Before this design hit the market, women’s bags did not have a shoulder strap. The addition of the strap in this design was seen as a rebellion since it left the women with free hands to do as they wished. The women loved it! 

Some features include the rectangular shape, quilted texture, an inner pouch, hidden zip at the back of the front flap, signature chain, and a turn-lock (Mademoiselle lock). The distressed calfskin creates an illusion of age. This bag costs $7000 to $10,000. 

  1. Chanel Boy Bag

The Chanel Boy Bag stands out for its chunky chain strap, boxy style, large lock fastening, the linear border at the edges, and quilted design at the front. Like many Chanel bags, the history behind this bag’s design and name makes it one of the most sought-after silhouettes. 

This bag comes in different sizes, colours, and prices, ranging from $3800-$6500.

  1. Chanel Classic Flap

The Chanel Classic Flap, also known as 11.12, was created after the Chanel 2:55 Reissue. At a glance, the Classic Flap bag looks similar to the Chanel 2.55, except for a few tweaks and changes. For example, the Chanel Classic Flap has the iconic CC lock, a double flap, and a leather and chain interlaced strap. 

Chanel Classic Flap bags are available in different sizes. The most popular are the rectangle mini, square mini, small flap, medium flap, jumbo, and maxi sizes. The minis feature in Chanel’s seasonal bags, while the rest are in the permanent line. 

Chanel Classic Flaps also come in different materials and leather, which influence the price. Caviar and lambskin are the most common, but you can also get these bags in jersey, patent leather, velvet, exotic skins, and calf skins. 

This Chanel Classic Flap guide will help you make an informed decision when buying one. 

You can get a Chanel Classic Flap from $3000 to $10,000.  

  1. Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (GST)

Unfortunately, the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote was discontinued in 2015, making them rare and a quick buy when one comes across it. This bag is favoured because it is the roomiest Chanel bag. Preowned and new GST bags cost between $4000 and $7000.

  1.  Chanel Gabrielle

The long straps and stable base are likely the most selling features of the Chanel Gabrielle bag. Its popularity soared because it is featured as unisex fashion. It is one of the most versatile of all the Chanel bags. It comes in different sizes and can be worn in seven ways. 

The price varies, $3500 – $5,000, depending on the size and material used. 

The various Chanel bags are favoured for one reason or another. However, these are some of the best-selling ones in the market.

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