Takeaway Food Businesses Worldwide are the Real Winners of 2020/21

With industries failing all over the place, takeaway food venues are in it to win it and show no signs of slowing down.

From frozen yogurt to bagels, takeaway food has been the real winner of the pandemic era. While the world was struggling for PPE, pointing the fingers of blame, and careers were ended left, right, and center, the world of takeaway food has been happily growing away. While the rest of us were in panic mode, those that sold food in takeaway establishments were happily going about their business as usual.

Some businesses were doing so well in the takeaway food sector that they expanded. Some even added to menus, while most hedged their bets against supply chain disruptions and went for the controlled, reduced menu. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with battening down the hatches when times get tough.

How Takeaway Businesses Boomed During the Pandemic

As mass fear of contagion spread worldwide, people stopped going out. Nobody can blame them, and it was entirely sensible, but it made the economy unstable at best. More than 110 000 restaurant businesses shut up shop because people wouldn’t come to visit[1]. Nobody wants to sit in a room with strangers anymore, not if it means risking their family’s health.

While the eat-out diners were failing, the eat-at-home restaurants were raking it in. Takeaway franchises flew off the shelves. Everything from schaumburg specialties bakery racks to ice cream scoops experienced a massive boost in sales. Takeaway food businesses, particularly those that offered a curbside pickup or home delivery service, flourished.

Let’s take a look at some figures and see how well they did.

Takeaway Businesses that Flourished in 2020

While industry giants McDonald’s took a bit of a wobble in 2020, they regained pre-pandemic sales levels as soon as July 2021. In other words, despite massive closures and supply chain issues, McDonald’s took approximately six months to get back on its feet and do better than ever.

Domino’s, one of the largest providers of takeaway pizza in both the US and Europe, reported they were getting some 36% of the total delivered pizza sales market in 2020. Even Papa John’s saw an increase of 28% sales during 2020. They had to take on an additional 20k employees to keep up, and their shares have exploded by 55% this year alone.

Even delivery apps experienced a spike during this turbulent year for fast food. Just Eat saw sales grow by more than 54%[2] as people who had never ordered food online finally figured out how to do it. The company had reported losses of over 107 million the year before. In effect, the covid outbreak gave them a considerable boost.

Careers are Changing

All this points to a life that is a little different from how we remember it, pre-pandemic. Takeaway and fast-food sales are still overshadowing dining out sales to this day, and we are about to start the third quarter of 2021. Will it continue? Only time will tell. Time and a whole load of appetites.



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