Global Refund Group Review: You Can Get Your Money Back

Have you found yourself in an unfortunate situation of being the victim of an online scam? If you’ve sent money to some ‘brokerage’ trying to invest in forex, cryptocurrencies, or contracts for differences and they refuse to let you make withdrawals or have otherwise defrauded you, there’s still hope to get your money back! We’ve put together a comprehensive Global Refund Group review to find out who the company can help and how.

It can be tough to handle anonymous online scammers without the right experience. However, we’ve found that Global Refund Group has just what it takes to track them down and recover your lost funds successfully.

Starting Your Refund Process

So how can Global Refund Group get your money back? When you’ve sent money as a deposit for investments or other online scams, their team can cut through the red tape and go straight to the payment processor to get your money back.

The best time to call Global Refund Group for your refund is right now. Time is a factor in most cases, and it’s incredibly easy to get started with a free consultation. Just call their office through one of their dedicated phone lines today.

Global Refund Group Review: Your Initial Consultation

When you call in, you’re going to be greeted by one of their knowledgeable representatives. They’ll have a few questions during the free consultation to find out if they’ll be able to help you. Our Global Refund Group review found this step incredibly straightforward and convenient.

During your consultation, they’ll gather some essential bits of information on your case. For example, they’ll need to know what type of scam you’re the victim of and what website, in particular, you’ve been communicating with them through.

Because they’re a chargeback company, some of the most crucial info will be about the specific method you used to send money to the scammers. Along with the date of your deposit, they can use this information to find out if a chargeback is a viable option for getting your money back.

With all of the information from your consultation, Global Refund Group determines if your case has a good chance of success. They’ve put together a great process, thanks to their experienced team, and they use this process to only move forward with cases they know can get a refund.

Getting Ready For Your Chargeback

Putting together a successful chargeback is a complicated process behind the scenes. Our Global Refund Group review checked out just what their team does to put your chargeback together and successfully retrieve your refund. Generally, they’ll only need a few critical documents from you, like statements from the payment processor you used.

With those key documents, their team can get to work. They employ cybersecurity experts who find out where your scammers are really from. Legal experts on their team also reach out to the appropriate regulators and agencies to prevent these scammers from victimizing more people in the future.

Putting Pressure On Your Scammers

Our Global Refund Group review looked into their chargeback process and found they’re taking an important step many other companies overlook. Payment processors want people to try to resolve any issues beforehand because it helps reduce the number of fraudulent chargebacks against legitimate businesses.

To do so, Global Refund Group tracks down the scammers and gives them an ultimatum. Sometimes the scammers are startled by their victim having a reliable company helping them out, so they’ll give back the money on their own. When that isn’t the case, Global Refund Group moves on to the next step.

Global Refund Group Review: Getting Your Money Back

With Global Refund Group’s process, you can get your money back. Their expert team will now file your chargeback with the payment processor. Once the paperwork goes through, your lost funds will be returned to you. The team at Global Refund Group doesn’t miss anything when preparing your chargeback, and they know exactly what they need to do to get your money back.


Our Global Refund Group review definitely recommends the company’s services if you’re a victim of any online scams, especially if you’ve lost a significant sum that other companies wouldn’t be able to handle properly. If you want to give them a try, you can reach out to them today for a free consultation.

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