How To Create A Mind Palace?

Recently, interest in the mind palace technique has been growing at a tremendous rate. Perhaps this is due to its popular culture, or probably because it has proven to be very effective. Today, everyone can master this unusual memorization technique.

A Few Words About The Technique

Sherlock’s mind palace, also called the court of memory, is where our consciousness stores all the information we have ever seen or heard. There is an opinion that an ordinary person does not know how to independently decide which data needs to be saved, which should be immediately disposed of, and how to put all the data in order. Some think of a person’s consciousness as a giant filing cabinet, while others prefer to use the mind palace technique.

So let’s figure it out, what is a mind palace? It is a unique memorization technique that will make your memory more structured and improve instant recall. If people can master it, this will allow them to memorize almost any amount of information for a short time and reproduce it after a long time. This ability can be very useful both in work and in everyday life.

How To Create A Memory Palace?

How to create a mind palace? The easiest and most reliable way to build a memory palace is to use a unique MemoryOS application. It has the following advantages:

  • You will be able to create a virtual implant;
  • You may retrieve needed memories;
  • To simplify training, 3D models are used;
  • Improves the overall state of memory.

Interactive learning is specially designed to make it comfortable and exciting for a person to use the application.

It is worth training for 20-30 minutes a day in a calm atmosphere, preferably before bedtime. It will allow you to build a memory palace as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Brief Teaching Methodology

How to create a mind palace without using an app? Of course, you can master the technicians yourself, but it will take a little longer.

First of all, you need to understand: what is a mind palace? You don’t have to build a massive castle. Instead, many experts advised you to choose a room familiar to you as a memory palace, for example, your parent’s house or your grandmother’s house outside the city, where you know everything very well and spend a lot of time. It will allow you to navigate much better.

The mind palace technique involves daily training because the result will worsen if you miss at least one time.

Before starting your training, select the information you want to remember. Then mentally create a mind palace and choose a place where you will store this information. So, for example, you can go into the hallway and put data on the nightstand. Then, in the future, if you need it, you can go here and get the necessary data. The larger the lock, the more places you can hide information. However, a big mind palace is challenging to master, and you can simply get lost in those rooms you have created.

How Quickly Can I Master The Technique?

Experts do not give a clear framework for how long it will take you to get the first result. It all depends on whether you skip classes, how much time you devote to training and how much you believe that the technique works.

Usually, with hard training, you can get results after a month of training. However, this is not a reason to stop because if space in your castle starts to run out, you can clean up and remove some of the memories or build new balconies, terraces or annexes. The main thing is to believe that this technique will help you improve your memory state at times.


If you want to have a good memory, like the famous Sherlock Holmes, then the mind palace technique was created especially for you. With the help of a game app, you can master it many times faster and easier.

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