How To Find The Right Scent For Your Body

A signature scent should be able to evoke pleasant memories for close friends and loved ones in an ideal world. A fragrance can linger in clothes, rooms, and the air. However, getting there is tough because of the challenges of creating a unique perfume. The simple answer to how to discover your unique signature scent is: Choose one you like. It appears straightforward. But as they say, it’s not about the destination; it’s about the trip.

You may not know what a chypre is or can’t tell the difference between Curious and Chanel No.5, but you’re not alone. However, here are some easy steps to learn to trust your nose, follow your feelings, and choose a signature scent.

Try a maximum of 3 at a time

Start off by smelling everything. But, according to Erika Shumate and Christine Luby, the Stanford MBA founders of Pinrose, restrict your investigations to sniffing just three fragrances each visit. “Your olfactory bulb is getting more of a workout than it’s used to. Give each fragrance its own proper shot.”

Start with lighter scents

Luby suggests, “It’s better to start with more aqueous or musky scents first; 50% of the population can’t even smell musk.” Muskier scents are more laundry-type smells, whereas aqueous ones are fresher (think Acqua di Gio). Switch from musky to citrus to fruit florals to heavier woods as the scent becomes more floral.

Know the difference between $30 and $300 perfume

When looking for fragrances on perfume websites, bargain versions typically have top notes that are extremely powerful. Or to some, such as Shumate, they smell like “metallic.” More costly scents feature complexity of a heart and dry down, as well as longer-lasting power.

Don’t be scared to rebound

If you keep going back to a sample and liking it, something about the scent is attracting you in. Request a sample of the fragrance and spray it on yourself. “When I’m testing a scent, I’ll put it on my hands or wrists or around my elbow,” adds Shumate.

Not every scent is for you

Although everyone seems to adore oud, don’t be concerned if you don’t like it. familiarity is frequently the basis of fragrance selection. It is not that you do not like oud if you have never worn one before; it’s just that your nose is getting adjusted. Do you get a headache when you wear the scent? Is it generating the emotion you desire? These are issues to consider as you experiment with scents.

Test the scent over several hours

People often use the terms “top note” and “dry down” in scent nomenclature, just as people do in wine tasting. Perfumes are dynamic, sentient creatures that change over time. A top note lasts roughly 20 minutes and is the first impression of the scent. The heart of the fragrance lasts most of the day, around four hours.

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