Online Shopping: Statistics and Trends of 2021

Making purchases online is rapidly gaining momentum and it has become a common activity in the life of each of us. Back in 2019, the world did not even suspect that the general perception and attitude towards shopping would change so quickly. The internet has always been the fastest way to spread information, so it was only a matter of time before all life would go there.

It became known that in 2021, more than 70% of US residents switched to online shopping. As for technology, shopping using smartphones remains in the leading position and is the most preferred method — it is fast and convenient, you can always make an order on the go.

Let’s take a closer look at shopping statistics in 2021. 

1. Number of Clients

Given the fact that about 60% of people around the world have access to the Internet, we can safely say that about half of the world’s population has made a purchase online at least once.

In 2021, online shopping revenue grew 20%. We can assume that by 2025, this figure will increase by 2 times. So, the popularity of online shopping is growing with every new year. Back in 2018, no one could have imagined that the traditional shopping system would remain a thing of the past so fast.

2. How Often Do People Buy Online?

It is clear that online shopping is more profitable than offline. So, everyone who has seen this benefit at least once will make a purchase online again. The opportunity to save has become especially attractive for people in the period of the pandemic, because not everyone was able to maintain their previous income. Sites that offer additional savings opportunities have also become famous – the ones with promotional codes, for example, And this applies not only to US residents. Residents of Europe, for example, people living in Denmark, show great activity on Promocodius, especially during the holiday season.

If we look at the numbers, 62% of all online shoppers are regular customers, that is, they shop online more than 4 times a month. 18% make purchases 2 or more times a week. In terms of age, people from 30 to 44 buy online most of all. However, some have not switched to online shopping. As a rule, this is the adult population aged 50+.

3. Why Do People Shop Online?

Why is online shopping our future? There are three main reasons for this:

  • The ability to shop at any convenient time. If earlier it was necessary to find an hour or two or three, or even the whole day, to go to one or several stores for new clothes or shoes, now all this can be done in the shortest possible time — you need a smartphone and access to the Internet. That’s all.
  • Big choice. Online shopping has a huge selection of all kinds of goods, and very often it is much wider than offered by offline stores. Therefore, more and more people began to visit online stores to buy food, clothes, shoes, household appliances, etc.
  • It is safe. During the pandemic, people began to care more about their health. Accordingly, making purchases without contacting a lot of other people has become a priority. Moreover, a huge number of online stores offer fast home delivery options.

4. Shopping During the Holiday Season

Fall is the time of buying gifts for the upcoming holiday season. In 2020, 43% of online purchases were made during this period. This proves again that online shopping has become a very big part of the life of each of us. We no longer need to go to the malls for gifts — everything can be bought online quickly and safely.

Cyber Monday became the leader in terms of the number of purchases.

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