Replacement Windows and Doors Oshawa Styles for You

Deciding to replace your windows and doors Oshawa is one challenge, and choosing the type of doors and windows to replace is an even more significant challenge. This is because there are many types in the market and all have various characteristics.

The window and door styles are also beautiful, making it hard to choose one. This list of replacement windows and doors Oshawa styles will help you in your selection. The list includes a short description of each window style. Take a look.

  1. Single Hung Windows

Two sashes characterize these window replacement Oshawa units, but only one is operable. The bottom sash opens upwards while the upper sash does not move. You can get single-hung windows from various materials like wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. The windows are straightforward to clean and maintain. The tilting sashes also make them easy to clean. The cost of a single window is $170-$360.

  1. Double Hung Windows

The double-hung windows resemble a single hung, with the only difference being the movable sash. The upper and lower sash of double-hung windows is movable, providing more ventilation and lighting to the house. The windows are also easy to clean due to the movable sashes. You can get them in different window materials for energy efficiency. A double-hung vinyl window costs $450-$600.

  1. Arched Windows

Your choice of window type and style depends on your preference. Before buying an arched window, it is essential to consider the architectural design of your house. These windows are characterized by rounded tops.

These windows cost $325-$500, and you will pay an installation fee. Most of the arched windows are not operable, so you need an operable window for ventilation.

  1. Awning Windows

Awning window replacement Oshawa units are a common type in homes found in rainy climates. The windows create a water shield when they open, preventing rainwater from entering the house. These windows are installed in the kitchen and living areas and are energy efficient. You can also buy them in more energy-efficient materials like wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. An awning window could cost you $420-$760.

  1. Bay Windows

You need to have ample space to fit a bay window. These windows protrude from an exterior wall in small windows of 30 and 40 degrees angles. The windows are expensive to buy and install.

They also require a skilled installer and not DIY because of their complexity. A bay window will cost $1150 to $3550. These windows are energy efficient and make the inner space of the house look more prominent.

  1. Bow Windows

Bow windows are almost the same size as bay windows. They are custom curved, and the curves create a circular area on the outside. These are sometimes more expensive than bay windows, but the price depends on the size of the window. Bow windows are energy efficient, and the standard cost is between $1400 and $3800.

  1. Casement Windows

Casement window replacement Oshawa units resemble a single or double door. These are hinged on the sides and swing out to open. Casement windows are energy efficient and provide unobstructed views. They are also installed together with other un operable windows like arched and picture windows for ventilation. Casement windows cost somewhere between $270 and $750.

  1. Garden Windows

These are mini bay windows that are installed to place plants. They are called garden windows because they act like a greenhouse installed in the house. These windows cost about $1000-$4000.

  1. Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are inoperable, and they are mostly installed to increase light flow. They come in a patterned design which provides light and privacy. Most homeowners install these windows in bathrooms and basements, and they can be additional windows in the bedroom. A block window costs about $4000- $1100 to install.

  1. Picture Windows

Picture windows are inoperable windows characterized by one full glass. These windows give unobstructed views and are installed in houses near the ocean or a beautiful forest. Since these windows are not operable, they are installed together with inoperable styles like casement or awning. Picture windows cost somewhere $245-$850 depending on the size.

When choosing replacement windows and doors Oshawa, consider the design of your home and you will have the right windows for it.

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