BetterHelp Review: Is this Online Therapy Service Any Good?

BetterHelp is an online site that offers mental health treatments directly to consumers. Web-based engagement and telephone and text contact are used to deliver online counseling and therapy solutions. Alon Matas and Danny Bragonier launched BetterHelp in 2013, and Teladoc, Inc. bought the company in 2015. Following the takeover, BetterHelp kept its brand name and continued to provide online counseling services to customers.

BetterHelp Services

Online counseling can be a source of contact and support, especially when feeling alone (as a result of the epidemic). Clients who live in rural areas, have limited movement, or do not have access to public transportation may be more eager to engage in online treatment. Clients access online therapy professionals and choose specialists that can operate within their schedules, allowing for additional flexibility. A person can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being in their personal space, and they will not run into somebody they recognize in the reception area. BetterHelp provides a diverse group of counselors who focus on a variety of difficulties, including:

·                     stress

·                     relationships

·                     anxiety

·                     depression

·                     self-esteem

·                     parenting

·                     eating

·                     addiction

·                     sleeping

·                     anger

·                     trauma

·                     family conflicts

·                     grief

·                     LGBTQIA+ matters

·                     religion

The following are some of the circumstances that can prompt someone to explore this online option:

·                     Expense constraints

·                     Uninsured status

·                     Schedules that are not typical

·                     Lack of access to transport

·                     Mobility difficulties or physical limitations

·                     Childcare is scarce.

·                     Living in a remote area with limited access to local services

·                     Anxiety about leaving the house is high.

Insurance and Pricing

BetterHelp is a subscription-based service that provides services not included in health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. A free 7-day trial is available on the site, which may be terminated at any moment. Based on the number of live sessions one wants to book, the price varies from 35 to 80 dollars every week. BetterHelp also provides financial assistance to people who qualify, such as those who are jobless or in financial need. It is possible to receive a discount of up to 40% off.

Is BetterHelp good?

BetterHelp is a wonderful fit for a person if they love the convenience of texting, 24/7 interaction, and never having to leave the house. Traditional therapy provides the peaceful solace of facial expressions and assurances, but in today’s tech-centric environment, BetterHelp’s live video sessions can closely resemble that.

Sign-Up and Scheduling

1)            Complete the Questionnaire

New members to BetterHelp are required to complete a questionnaire describing their reasons for looking for counseling. There are questions regarding anxiety, depression, substance use problem symptoms, and screening questions, for example, suicide risk factors. New members are also required to reveal their age, gender, sexuality, and religion.

2)            Fill Out the Registration Form

A name (or pseudonym), an email address, and a password are required fields on this brief form. Once the account has been created, individuals receive a confirmation email with a link or a verification code to complete their registration.

3)            Review Terms and Enter Payment

The next page gives the person a rundown of the subscription’s services. It also answers some of the most common questions about the process and the things to expect. The person will now be asked to enter payment information and choose whether they wish to commit for a week, month, quarter year, or year. One can bypass the payment details and still get matched, but they will not continue to the next phase until they pay.

4)            Wait for a Match and Begin Counseling

According to the website, the next phase is to wait until one is matched with a professional, which can take “a few hours or a few days,” according to the website. One will be contacted via email once they have been matched, and the counselor will typically message them on the site as well.

BetterHelp features

·                     Chat room

One can start chatting with their counselor in a secure and private chat room as soon as they have been matched with one. As long as the device has dependable internet, one can use the chat room at any time. Although messaging is not done in real-time, there is no way of knowing when the counselor will respond, but one can contact their counselor at any time of day.

·                     Live chat

If someone does not want to wait hours for a response, he or she can plan a live chat session with his or her therapist on the calendar. It is an alternative similar to texting a trusted friend who understands right away.

·                     Live phone session

It is possible to plan a one-hour phone session with the counselor for those who prefer working through challenges aloud. The service does not give the counselor the client’s real phone number, and all is done through the BetterHelp app.

·                     Live video session

One can also plan a video appointment with the counselor if they prefer face-to-face communication. Clients simply connect at the scheduled appointment time, and their counselor will direct them to begin the video conversation.

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