How Do You Use A Portable Solar Power Generator Outdoors?

A solar generator is an ideal solution if you are thinking about a good power source for outdoor activities. Many people plan camping trips or hikes but worry about being without power. They do not know how to stay connected and remain powered while they are out and far from their home. Solar generators are portable powerhouses. They can charge your devices and help you overcome the above issues seamlessly. A portable power generator has various advantages, but you must use it the right way. Learn more about the device below.

A Solar Generator in Brief

As the name suggests, it is a power supply equipment that utilises the sun’s energy to produce electricity. It contains a solar panel, which collects the solar energy and converts it into electrical power. The device also comes with a battery pack. It stores the electrical energy generated, which can then be used to charge batteries or power devices. Apart from these, you will find a charge controller which controls the energy flow from the panel to the battery pack. It protects the batteries from damage. Lastly, there is also an inverter present. It transforms the DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) power. It then powers the gadgets.

There are two kinds of solar generators that you will find in the market. A solar panel kit is the simplest type of generator available. It just contains a solar panel and a battery pack. A portable solar generator is more complicated than the above machine. They come with built-in inverters and provide more power, which people need during outdoor activities. The inverters provide power to devices. They act as fabulous energy sources for different kinds of purposes.

How to Use a Solar-Powered Generator?

After bringing the equipment to the location, do a few things before you start using it.

  • Charge the Battery Pack

Charge the solar generator thoroughly to get the most out of it. Connect the panel to the battery pack and position it in direct sunlight. The generator’s battery will charge automatically as long as sunlight is available. However, it may seem a bit inconvenient during an outdoor trip as you may stay busy with different activities. Hence, get it fully charged at home before embarking on the tour, or charge it for some time before beginning to use it.

  • Connect the Devices

Whether it is your smartphone or the laptop, connect whichever device you wish to power to the inverter to utilise the effectiveness of the portable generator. The inverter will then transform the DC power into AC power. It can power your devices, and you can use them as much as you want during the outdoor trip. However, it is recommended that you indulge in power management for the best results.

  • Turn the Generator On and Off

Finally, to turn the equipment on, press the power button. It will kickstart the inverter and give power to the devices connected to it. After you are done with the generator, press and hold the power button to switch it off. The process is very easy if you follow the steps carefully.

5 Tips for Using a Portable Solar Generator the Right Way

  • Place the Solar Panel in Direct Sunlight

Ensure buildings or trees do not block the sunlight. If you place the portable power generator under shade, it will reduce the amount of power the machine can generate. A lot of people do this and then fail to rip the benefits of a solar power generator. Keep this point in mind and do not make this mistake.

  • Keep the Battery Pack Charged

You must charge the pack daily. It must have full power to provide the same to the portable generator.

  • Use the Solar Generator Smartly and Manage Power

Use the machine sparingly to prevent the battery from running out of power. Remember that a solar generator is not a permanent source of power. Manage the equipment’s power well so that you do not encounter any problems while you are out of the home.

  • Disconnect Devices When Not in Use

Disconnect a device from the generator if you are not using it. This step will help conserve power and extend the battery pack’s life.

  • Keep the Solar Panel Clean

Outdoor activities like camping or hiking can make the solar generator dirty. Wipe the dirt with a damp cloth and keep the panel clean. It will help the machine generate maximum power. Always keep the equipment clean to use it for a long time.

Benefits of Using Solar Generators Outdoors

  • Quiet and Odourless

These devices work silently. They let you enjoy your surroundings peacefully. You can relax in a quiet place and not be disturbed by any bad smell as these machines do not release emissions while functioning.

  • Safe

Portable solar power generators do not need fuel to function. Hence, they are safe when compared to traditional machines. You can take solar generators to your outdoor trips without worrying about how they will operate, especially if you are camping in the woods. Also, you can conveniently use them inside an RV or tent to power appliances and lights.

  • Eco-Friendly

Traditional generators use diesel or fuel, which harms the local and global environment. However, a solar generator creates clean energy. It is one of the best features of this device. A portable generator is the right machine for hiking or camping.

  • Ease-of-Use

A portable power generatoris incredibly easy to use. Plug in the solar panels, connect to a grid or a charging station and connect your devices when you wish to power them up. A solar generator includes all the technology necessary to provide you with power when you are not at home.

  • Versatility

You can use a portable solar generator in various other ways too. Just pick them up and go wherever you desire. You can take them along in your car and store them easily to get the backup power.

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