How Rep Converges AI innovation and eCommerce to Revolutionise the Sales Funnel

Artificial intelligence-powered guided shopping is the way of the future in terms of consumer experience. When you have a fantastic AI-powered sales associate on your team, increasing conversions is quite simple. Leveraging the latest AI solutions in the eCommerce realm, Rep emerges as the ultimate convergence of data-driven insights to enhance the conversion rate raise of online stores at every step of the funnel

Founded in 2019 by Yoav Oz and Shauli Mizrahi, Rep has been able to help multiple brands, such as Herbaly, Ritual Zero Proof, UnderOutfit, and They New York. So far, Rep has provided tangible results, increasing the conversion rate by 250 % and generating overall revenue growth of 17 %.

Overall, Rep offers three leading solutions for brands willing to innovate their sales experience:

  • Live chat platform capable of intercepting any discussion and ensuring client satisfaction
  • Sales associate driven by artificial intelligence that can increase your website’s sales by over 18%
  • Customer Service Representative powered by AI who will handle 99 % of customer support requests

Leveraging AI to Enhance online sales

Using an accessible and engaging conversational commerce solution available on various platforms, Rep aims to equip companies with everything they need to provide their customers with the best possible experience.

One core tenet of Rep is that every client should be accompanied by a customised, AI-powered sales assistant who will provide contextual assistance through every stage of their journey and be available to you at all times.

Furthermore, the buyer experience can be taken to another level, as merchants can personalise bargains and suggestions to their consumers. To interact with your customers and get complete control over the behaviour of your sales reps, tailor sales and customer support dialogues for each client.

In real-time, AI can recognise when your clients are ready to depart your website and provide contextual and tailored buying support. Rep provides adaptive and relevant interaction based on the customer’s journey, offering features such as AI-powered detection of customer drop-off from the website, only seconds before it occurs.

Data-driven Insights for a Better Customer Experience

Nowadays, data is considered to be the new gold, thus, it is vital to be able to use it properly. With Rep, you may discover vital consumer insights and learn why your visitors are not converting to your website.

Merchants can learn about customers’ real-world experiences with business and items and respond to unfavorable customer experiences and improve the overall website.

In addition, Rep provides brands with their own branded conversational AI that can be used on their website, on mobile devices, or through Alexa or Google Assistant, enhancing the customer shopping experience and making it more personalised.

Seamless Integration with the Brand’s Ecosystem

Ultimately, this AI translates your whole product inventory into sales discussions via a seamless connection with your e-commerce platform. Rep offers integrations with third-party applications to provide additional value to the AI-powered sales associate. With each new integration, you can make your artificial intelligence-powered sales associate even more intelligent. With a single click, you can add reviews, SMS, and email marketing options to your website.

Moreover, it is possible to completely tailor the consumer experience and ensure that it is consistent with the brand! Use your brand’s colours, tone, and other elements to create a branded experience that flows seamlessly.

You will be up and running with your virtual sales representative in no time. Rep makes it straightforward to integrate with the top e-commerce platforms, ensuring integration with your online business that requires no coding.

As forward-looking merchants, it is critical to identify upcoming innovations to improve the entire shopping experience. For those companies that aim to enhance the consumer experience at every point of the sales funnel, Rep provides an unprecedented AI-supported opportunity.

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