4 Creative Tips on How to Style Your Sofa Sets

Sofa is the centerpiece of your living room and, as such, gets a lot of use. That’s why you need to choose a sofa that meets all your practical needs. That means it needs to be big enough for everyone in the family, creating a cozy and comfortable place to hang out. It also needs to be your entertaining space, offering sophisticated style for guests.

Styling sofa sets involves finding the right mix between creating a cohesive style throughout the room and using accessories that don’t just get in the way. The real secret to sofa styling is to think about the whole area, rather than just the sofa itself. That means using things such as lamps and lighting, plants, rugs and more to make your sofa look and feel like a major part of your home. Below we’ll give you some top tips on how to style your sofa in a whole range of different ways.

Cushions are key

Cushions can transform a sofa space but it’s about more than chucking a pair of uninspiring pillows at either end of the couch. Arrange your cushions together to create a look that is well thought out, using a mix of block colors and geometric patterns that highlight other accent colors in the room. This can really bring a color scheme together and make your sofa feel like a more integral part of the design scheme, even if it’s a more neutral tone.

Cushions can also be really useful if you have a sofa bed. Both cushions and throws used on the sofa can also double up as additional bedding when you have guests staying over.

Plants for life

Everybody knows that the green tone adds a touch of calming nature to your living room and if you choose a taller plant, it can add some height to the space too, which can be good in a spaces that are otherwise low-level. Unlike cushions of throws which can start to overpower a sofa space if used in abundance, surrounding the sofa with plants can still create an eye-catching display. Try to vary the tones and foliage types of plants to create contrast and depth.

Lighting is everything

Lighting serves a dual purpose when dressing your sofa sets. First, a lamp can add a touch of elegant style, framing the sofa – whether that’s a floor or table lamp. Next, the light can change the feel of the sofa space, bringing out different tones on the sofa fabric. Different tones of light bulbs create different lights, allowing you to adjust the atmosphere to your preference.

Rugs all the way

As well as a coffee table, a rug can be a great way to tie a whole room together. Add some color and texture to the seating area, frame the sofa, or add patterns –  especially useful if your sofa is a block or neutral color, or is made of leather. Rugs come in many different shapes and sizes, so think about what style and dimensions will work best in your space.

As you can see, there are plenty of clever ways to style your sofa sets, using accessories and other furniture to create the right frame. By making just a few changes, you can completely alter the way your sofa sits in the space, using lighting to bring out new tone dimensions, and plants and lamps to add balance and height to the space. Cushions and throws can add some color, pattern and texture. Using some or all of these tricks, you can bring new life to your sofa set or create a perfect home for a new suite.

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