Step Out In Style With New Heels By Highly-Anticipated Fashion Brand DEIJI

Curated and designed by renowned fashion designer Mark Schwartz, (day-ḡ) focuses on the intersectionality between elegance and creativity in the fashion world.

The idea behind DEIJI is simple: “To convey the essence of the natural beauty of our world.” To materialize that idea, DEIJI designs high-quality luxury items with the goal that they can be worn effortlessly and take on a new meaning for each person that adorns them. With sophistication at the forefront, DEIJI brings a unique twist that helps its customers embody their most confident selves.

“We create products that highlight the beautiful things in life with you as the canvas and DEIJI as your rainbow of color,” Schwartz adds. “We start by visualizing what the DEIJI customer would want to wear; it’s a clean slate and unique approach each time,” he further expresses.

DEIJI recently released two brand new heels, the Daniela and the Francesca, which are available to shop exclusively on

The Francesca takes an elegant art-deco approach to Schwartz’s initial design. “The Francesca is slightly more ornate than the Daniela because it is a little bit more forward and adds a twist that freshens it up,” says Schwartz.

The heel is bent, squared off with a red hue, and sports a metallic gold leather strap. The heels can be wiped clean, are made in Italy using high-quality leather, and each heel’s characteristics and colorway make them unique.

Regarding The Francesca, Schwartz says, “It’s a fun product to wear. Everyone can wear many things across the board, from semi-casual pieces to highly sought-out ones that can help dress up any look.”

The Daniela is a classic straight heel inspired by simplicity and DEIJI elegance. Available in both gunmetal and bronze metallic, it runs true to size and — like the Francesca, is made entirely from the finest Italian leather.

While both products can be styled in many ways, Schwartz recommends that the Daniela be paired with a pantsuit with a flared leg structure to highlight the shoe’s distinct platform heels. On the other hand, the Francesca can be paired with a skirt — the length of which will depend on the person wearing them — to show off the product’s distinct bent heel and bright colors. They can also be paired with elegant socks for a trendier, high-fashion look. They truly brighten anyone’s day.

DEIJI releases featured works, limited restocks, and hints of what products will come in the coming seasons every week. With the ultimate goal to be consistent in both their process and the overall evolution of fashion, DEJI consistently creates high-quality, luxurious products that retain their quality against everyday wear and tear while boasting sustainable and environmentally friendly origins.


Named after the Korean and Japanese word for Daisy, DEIJI is the brainchild of fashion designers Mark Schwartz and Riva Wilkins. DEIJI is made to last through each big idea and breakthrough and accomplish the goal in your creative process by focusing on the concept of beauty and authenticity. Inspired by Asian Pop Culture, Italian Moxy, and American Ingenuity, DEIJI represents simplicity in the devotion to your ambitions, creative endeavors, and the steps it takes to reach your next goal.

DEIJI believes in a commitment to excellence, longevity, and the creation of happiness through our products. That’s why no matter what life throws your way, DEIJI will be able to withstand it all. Whether it is a business meeting at work, a friend’s art gallery showing, or a musical festival, DEIJI will be there to help you create memories today that will last through all your tomorrow.

Handmade in Italy with love, our company follows a strict ethics code surrounding creating our products with sustainability regarding the environment. Each one of our facilities complies with Italy’s environmental laws. This means that concerning our impact on the world, DEIJI‘s dyes are vegan, and our leather is naturally produced with no harmful pollutants put into our water sources.

Furthermore, any resources that are considered waste are collected and recycled. Our goal is to create products that do not pollute our world to inspire you and those around you. We also care about our team members and our facility workers. This means we pay fair wages and practice the ethics of no child labor while implementing safe working conditions. This also includes hands-on engagement with the communities we source from, so we can better understand DEIJI‘s global footprint and how we can continue to give back.

Every season, DEIJI releases new collections with inspirations from the past. They aim to build upon previous concepts with fresh approaches that inspire creativity.

About Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz is intimately involved with the production of DEIJI is made at the same facilities as the most luxurious Italian-made brands with the same skill and quality level. Deemed a certified genius, he graduated from Julliard in the late 1970s and studied under greats like Roger Vivier and Andy Warhol. Schwartz soon became an icon in his own right. Over Schwartz’s 40-year career, he has collaborated with fashion houses such as Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, and Marc Jacobs. He has also created footwear per personal request for many celebrities, including Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Madonna, Oprah, Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, JLo, and Hillary Clinton.

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