1MRobotics Disrupts Retail Experience with Fulfillment Automation Technology

Dark stores have been emerging since pre-pandemic times. Retailers all over the world have been employing trial-and-error phases by using hybrid models in combining manpower and automation to ease shopping and delivery cycles. The goal was to place fulfillment centers in densely-populated areas where orders are done online and have them easily delivered to the customers’ doorsteps, shortening delivery time and increasing shopping convenience. But back then, it was the exception, not the rule.

As soon as the pandemic hit in 2020, retailers quickly scoured for modern solutions and technological capabilities to meet pandemic protocols, revenue growth, and satisfy customers. Last-mile delivery in particular poses a challenge for CPG brands to deliver at maximum efficiency and utmost timeliness. Along with the advancement of digitalization, consumer demands have quickly risen and the new norm has dramatically reshaped shopping and delivery processes.

The post-pandemic era has proved to retain the same momentum for dark stores, and its existence shows no signs of halt. Simply put, customers have seen the benefits and convenience of flawless online shopping, and there’s no reason to turn back now. Retailers are bracing themselves for the shift of dark stores as permanent fixtures, finding the latest solutions to bridge this gap.

One forward-thinking tech startup aims to disrupt the retail experience with cutting-edge fulfillment automation technology: 1MRobotics.

1MRobotics Overhauls Last-Mile Fulfillment Infrastructures

1MRobotics was founded in 2021 by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts who have worked with organizations like Allot Communications, Bringg, Elbit Systems, and Magic Leap to name a few. With decades of cumulative experience and vast industry knowledge in enterprise sales, hardware and software development, robotics, and electro-optics, they are committed to making rapid last-mile fulfillment scalable and profitable.

“1MRobotics develops robotic nano-fulfillment centers, creating the next-gen dark stores designed specifically to meet the ever-growing need for rapid delivery (addressing quick expansion and optimal unit economics),” says Co-Founder and CEO Eyal Yair. “We use standard shipping containers as housing shells for our systems, enabling us to ship our units to any point around the world. With full automation and a modular approach, rapid deployment at a massive scale, while ensuring a significant operational cost reduction is now a reality.”

To ease the challenges of last-mile operations, 1MRobotics designed and engineered an on-the-shelf solution that can be deployed anywhere, reducing the need for manpower to a limited workforce headcount or none at all. This is a cost-effective solution for retailers to achieve maximal efficiency in the shortest window time possible.

“Our goal is to create a new, global technology infrastructure for the last-mile fulfillment sector that would complement any existing fulfillment network,” Yair adds.

Genesis and Flexsis

1MRobotics’ state-of-the-art solutions include Genesis and Flexsis.

Genesis is designed to provide the complex needs of retail and CPG DTC fulfillment. It is easily integrated into existing logistical infrastructures, allowing for rapid delivery without hiccups or downtimes. On the other hand, Flexsis is built to deliver the unique and specific needs of quick commerce and on-demand rapid delivery. It maintains all the operational advantages of Genesis, including immediate deployment, full automation, and bulk loading, enabling a diversified inventory.

As automated dark stores are projected to conquer every street corner of the largest metropolitans globally, 1MRobotics serves as a key player in overhauling the future of the retail experience. Its fulfillment automation technology solidifies its place in the industry as it is set to embark on world domination.

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