Need Help with Sleep Apnea and want a proper sleep?

Let’s get deeper into this subject and better understand the problem of sleep apnea together with our expert Viktoriya Dombrovska. She will explain how lack of sleep impacts heart problems and other health issues.

Due to our stressful lives, getting a good night’s sleep seems almost impossible. However, sleeping is essential for our bodies. Viktoriya Dombrovska, the founder of Profmed Healthcare Solutions, addresses this common issue of modern life. We briefly discussed her goals and achievements and how she improved many people’s lives.

1. What guided you on this exact career path? Please share your unique skills and educational background with us.

Twenty-three years ago, I moved from Ukraine to Canada, where I started my career as a nurse. I worked as a nurse for a long time and had plenty of experience with patients that had sleeping issues. To help them, I founded my own business back in 2009. My goal was to provide CPAP machines to solve sleeping apnea. The company grew to have four stores, and thousands of people got their sleeping problems solved. We have customers from Canada and abroad that come to get a solution for their problems and improve their sleep quality. Our establishments provide skilled staff to help them find the ideal fit for their specific needs.

2. What contributes to a good night’s sleep?

Sleeping is essential for physical and mental health. It is a common myth that sleep quality is influenced by the hours spent sleeping. However, this isn’t true since sleep quality matters more. It would help if you considered the actual sleeping hours, excluding the ones spent in turning and tossing, to get a clear idea of the quality of your sleep. If you are in bed for 8 hours but wake up frequently, it is essential to address the issue. The inability to get a good night’s sleep depends on many external and internal actors. Sleeping apnea is one of the common reasons that prevents one from getting quality sleep. Sleeping apnea is caused by an obstruction in the upper respiratory tract resulting in heavy breathing. Despite preventing you from getting a night of good quality sleep, this condition can lead to other health problems.

3. How to prevent loud snoring?

Sleep apnea is one of the symptoms related to loud snoring. OSAS, or obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, affects millions of patients worldwide. It characterizes by loud snoring and interruptions in sleeping due to pauses in breathing. As a result, the patient feels tired and sleepy during the day because they didn’t get quality rest. The lack of good sleep can result in other problems, such as a weak immune system, depression, obesity, and problems with memory. Patients that suffer from OSAS have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, even if they have a healthy lifestyle that includes an excellent physique and regular exercise.

4. Where do you see yourself in the future?

I am happy with my current progress. In the future, I see my business expanding to America. I wish to see my stores in America helping people solve their sleeping issues. We want to expand to different cities and be closer to people that need a good night’s sleep. I also would like to get additional training in this category there. About 8 million people in the US use sleeping machines, and we wish to help them get the best service that suits their needs.

5. How do you improve people’s lives with your work?

We work with many reputable sleep specialists like dr Hoffstein ,dr .Sharma,dr.Shapiro and many other doctors to help our clients to get a better sleep. And we want to share our machines’ benefits with the people who need them. Sleep affects all areas of life, so improving its quality is crucial. Our machines will help patients get better sleep, thus improving their overall lifestyle.

Obstructive sleeping apnea is a significant health issue that affects middle-aged people. The discovery of sleep apnea in 1965 was a considerable revolution in sleeping medicine. At that time, an intervention was considered the only solution to this issue. It was only considered an airway obstruction, which was solved with a tracheostomy. However, the continuous positive airway pressure CPAP was introduced in 1981 as a great solution. The therapy delivered through a mask was a revolutionary thing that provoked interest in sleeping medicine and research in this area. Profmed Healthcare Solutions strives to bring this revolutionary method closer to the people that need it.

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