What is the best wallpaper for a hotel room?

Atmosphere is central when it comes to the proper perception of the hotel by its guests. And to create a cozy, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, care should be taken to properly arrange the rooms. They should not be too dull nor too flashy. It is desirable to find the golden mean and use it reasonably. If you strive to make your guests want to return to the hotel, they need to like the rooms. This requires a beautiful, elegant and stylish wallpaper.

How to choose the right one?

The interior decoration of the room implies the use of a finishing material to be pasted. It can be difficult to choose the most appropriate kind and the type of cloth, as it is necessary to take into account a number of important parameters.

We suggest to begin with the classification using the main features. Taking into account the presence of a pattern, you can choose photo wallpaper and models that offer a small or a large pattern. Products can have different patterns, ornaments or stripes (of varying thickness and direction). There are monochrome and colored types of paper for the wall, so choosing the best option should be based on the room style.

If you want to impress the guests with luxury, we suggest you select the original kind of canvases. This can be a photo wallpaper, having colorful and realistic drawings. They can visually expand the space to give aesthetic pleasure. Which image to choose depends on the main style of the interior and the atmosphere that you would like to convey.

The picture should not be irritating, and the shade should be muted and not compete for the eye’s attention. For the lobby and service areas it is better to use monochrome models. In rooms, including suites, rich, non-standard design is allowed. Beautiful wallpaper will help to create an atmosphere of luxury and prosperity.

Varieties of wallpaper

The following types of wallpaper are distinguished:

  1. Paper: usually consists of one or two layers. Among the main advantages think of affordable cost and ease of operation. Glue paper models are allowed in any type of room.
  2. Vlieseline wallpaper: characterized by durability, reliability, ease of care, and environmental friendliness; they can be washed and glued simply. They are able to perfectly absorb noise, one of the main advantages is their thermal insulation properties.
  3. Vinyl wallpaper: characterized by resistance to various negative environmental factors, including excessive moisture, ultraviolet light, and temperature differences. They are easy to care for. The vinyl layer helps imitate any texture, be it wood, silk, or stone.

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