Decorating the interior of a child’s room for a 0-6 year old

The first thing you better do is to prepare the room where the baby will live. Be responsible, as the room is to provide a safe space for the young one. Room design should be thoughtful, beautiful and comfortable.

Peculiarities of the design

Here’s what you should consider to beautifully and correctly decorate one of the most important rooms in the house:

  1. Personal preferences: for infants and toddlers of up to three years you can produce the interior, taking into account your personal wishes and preferences. But the older kids gradually will form their own opinion, which should be taken into account. Departing from the hobbies, interests and nature of the child, you can create a unique interior.
  2. Room size: you need to rely on the room parameters, and how many children it is designed for. If a small room is required to accommodate two children, you will need to think carefully about types of furniture and plan the functional zones.
  3. Zoning: it is recommended to think in advance on how zones for entertainment, recreation, education, sports, drawing, and dancing will be located.

Before you start the refurbishing, it’s important to decide on the layout. Nowadays, it is easy in different ways to create a design project of the kid’s room to accommodate the necessary details and features of the child’s character. You can opt to use a special software or do everything by hand. Experts recommend even to experiment with shapes, finishes, decor.

Every parent wants the children’s room to be stylish, comfortable, cozy and modern. Therefore, it is desirable to study the field’s current trends. Today, convenience and functionality are a key. Then let’s look at the aesthetic component. Among the main trends are:

  • minimalism;
  • Scandinavian style;
  • pastel tones in the color scheme.

Add small houses to the interior, decorate walls with inscriptions in original scripts and different colors. Decorative stickers will look favorably on the walls.

How to choose a color?

There are no restrictions on the color scheme, just choose what you believe is the right one. We don’t recommend to use too bright wallpaper with screaming shades for newborns’ room. Generally, color seriously affects infant’s psychology and development. The ideal choice is a calm color palette. Gradually you can add brighter tones. The background color is better chosen taking into account the sex of the baby. Girls prefer gentle colors, boys are up to more “solid” ones. Beige is a universal option.

Where can I buy finishing materials?

Photo wallpapers are in great demand, you can order them for the bedroom in the Uwalls wallpaper store ( There is a large range of products, so you can choose a suitable option for the acceptable pricing and other requirements.

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