Large Art, Small Space – How to Make it Work

Art is one of the most versatile pieces of any home’s decor. With the proper placement, it can accentuate any space and help bring life and color into your home. 

However, if you live in a small space but love large art pieces, you may find incorporating your paintings into your room challenging. That is because larger works of art tend to occupy too much space and could make your interior look cluttered.

Fortunately, with a few tips and tricks, you can easily integrate your big art into your small space. 

Here is how to make it work. 

Do Not Be Scared to Go Big

Small-space living should not limit you to a specific size or scale of art. You can incorporate a large piece of art into your room without moving anything.

In fact, large pieces of art make small rooms feel luxurious and spacious. They also keep things nice and simple, as you won’t have to curate many different artworks in the same space. 

For the best results, add a statement piece at a visible spot in your room. For example, if you love street art, you could consider buying a street art painting and hanging it on the wall in the entryway of your room. This way, it will be visually compelling while still keeping the rest of your space simple.

Supersize Your Storage

If there is one thing anyone living in a small apartment needs, it is adequate storage space. Without enough storage, your interior will be cluttered with all sorts of items, leaving you with little room to hang your art.

Several options exist to help you supersize your storage, including ottomans, armoires, desks with built-in shelving, and other functional furniture pieces. You can use these pieces of furniture to hide books, clothing, files, and other items. 

Get a Bigger Mirror

When decorating your interior with art, you should try to make your space look as big as possible. One easy way to achieve this is by incorporating a more oversized mirror into your design. 

A large mirror will reflect light and make your room appear bigger and brighter. It will also create the illusion of depth by reflecting its surroundings.

Ideally, it would help if you tried to be creative with the mirror placement so that it highlights the essential elements in the space. You can install it on either side of the walls or place it near a corner with enough light. 

Take Your Shelving a Little Higher

Installing shelves on higher surfaces, especially in a small space, is a great way to make the most of your available storage space. Additionally, it gives your room a more elegant look compared to bulky boxes taking up precious floor space.

You can take your wall-mounted shelves to the ceiling to create a more streamlined appearance. While these shelves might take up more space on the wall, they will be a worthwhile investment, helping you store your items efficiently. 

Rearrange or Swap Out Your Furniture

Changing the layout of your room can give you an entirely new perspective on the space. So, try moving your furniture to the opposite wall or a different room. You might be surprised by how much room you were wasting before.

Additionally, consider switching out some of your larger pieces of furniture for smaller ones. For example, you can replace a large sofa with a smaller loveseat to conserve space without compromising comfort.

Play with the Lighting

Nothing makes a small space feel smaller than not having enough light in the room. Therefore, ensure you install a suitable lighting scheme to illuminate your living space properly. Be cautious not to choose the wrong lighting, as it can make a cramped space look much smaller.

For instance, chandeliers and pendant lights could be ideal for small interiors because they hang above your living area, commanding attention without taking up too much space. In addition, their intricate designs will add a decorative element to the room’s décor.

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