5 Best Practices For Google Ads Success

Although most brands rely on organic traffic and SEO to get new customers, most small businesses can’t afford or don’t like to wait. They need quick results to scale and grow their business right away, especially in a competitive industry. 

If you want to improve brand awareness and get new leads fast, you can always count on Google to the rescue. Enter Google Ads. 

This article shares the basics of Google Ads and several best practices to ensure campaign success. 

Understanding Google Ads

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is Google’s search advertising platform. It allows businesses to display advertisements, service offerings, and product listings to their target audience. Google Ads can appear in numerous forms, including search engine ads, display ads, Google Maps ads, YouTube ads, and so much more.  

When done correctly, Google Ads can provide fast results in helping your business generate new leads to your website, improve conversion rate, and ultimately, increase profits and revenue. 

5 Strategies For Google Ads Success

To fully enjoy the benefits of Google Ads, you need to keep in mind specific strategies and best practices. Check them out below: 

  1. Hire Experts

Whether you don’t have the time to build a strategy from scratch or need help to optimize your campaigns, hiring experts like Claire Jarrett can take the burden off your shoulder. 

Digital advertising agencies live and breathe paid ads and any other digital marketing method you need. They are well-versed in creating an effective Google Ads marketing campaign and have the necessary tools to implement the plan. 

You free yourself from worries by outsourcing the experts to run your Google Ads. Also, because running a marketing campaign requires significant amounts of time, you enable yourself to focus more on running your business. 

  1. Set Goals

If you rather handle your Google Ads yourself, developing a clear goal should be your first move regardless of your digital marketing campaign. A well-defined goal can help guide your tactics and strategies. Thus, you must outline what you’re trying to accomplish with Google Ads. 

You’re likely running a Google Ads campaign to boost brand awareness, increase website traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. However, it’s essential to be specific and create SMART goals. 

  1. Consider Target Audience

Once you’ve created a list of your goals, you should identify your target audience next. Your target audience is situated at the heart of your Google Ads campaign and throughout every process. Understanding your target audience lets you know how and where you should focus your efforts. 

So, as with your goals, draft your target audience and customer personas. Analyze patterns and behaviors among your target audience to create a Google ads strategy built around their pain points and challenges. 

  1. Consider The Keywords

Keyword selection can make or break your Google Ads campaigns. It plays a critical role in whether Google shows your ads to users searching for your targeted keywords. 

Choosing longtail keywords is your best option. Keywords that are several words long are more likely to match the words that a user searches. For instance, instead of targeting broad keywords such as ‘HVAC service,’ consider using ‘HVAC repair in New York.’

  1. Optimize The Landing Page

When your Google Ads lead to a landing page, the messaging and design of that page can either lead to a conversion or not. Thus, you want the landing page to be well-designed and properly optimized. 

Most businesses generally use their home page as the landing page for their Google Ads campaign. While this offers convenience, creating a dedicated landing page for your Google Ads ensures better conversion. 

A dedicated landing page helps convert more traffic since it’s focused on one goal. It comes with a compelling call to action and has limited navigation to keep the visitor focused on the goal instead of being distracted by multiple links that take them away from the page. 

Aside from the messaging, you should pay attention to the design. Your landing page must look good on any screen size. Don’t forget to track your landing page’s analytics and test new elements to improve conversion rates. 


There’s no denying the power of Google Ads for your business’s growth strategy. Investing in Google Ads can help your business get noticed online quickly, increasing leads and improving overall business revenue. 

That said, you want to plan a well-rounded Google Ad campaign to ensure the overall success of your investment and efforts. So, consider the above tips to help you create a solid campaign and reap its incredible business benefits. 

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