AeroFlexx: Making Everyday Life Better for the Consumer, Brand, and Planet

Despite its threat to oceans, wildlife, and the environment, traditional liquid packaging still lines supermarket shelves around the world. But now, the new AeroFlexx Pak allows consumers to fill their grocery carts in a way that is conscious of the environment without sacrificing convenience. These innovative flexible packs provide compromise-free liquid packaging to benefit customers, retailers, and the planet.

How eco-friendly AeroFlexx liquid packaging benefits planet Earth

AeroFlexx offers increased sustainability by using less plastic. According to the company’s website, AeroFlexx produces its packs with 70% less plastic than traditional rigid packaging. On top of that, the packs incorporate up to 50% recycled content, equating to a new generation of packaging that eliminates up to 85% virgin plastic compared to run-of-the-mill plastic water bottles. What’s more, AeroFlexx closes the loop by ensuring all of its packs are curbside recyclable anywhere plastic bottles are accepted.

If the company’s five-year projections of 2.5 billion product units of AeroFlexx packaging hold true, the environment will be spared from the following:

  • 980.8 million pounds of waste
  • 256.8 million pounds of CO2
  • 65.3 million gallons of gas
  • 599.4 million kilowatt-hours of energy

These numbers are crucial to both consumers and retailers. A recent report indicates that companies grow 2.7 times more quickly by offering sustainably sourced and manufactured products.

Retailers are also pressed to become more eco-friendly by increasing government pressure and legislation. In the Los Angeles Tribune, Andrew Meyer, CEO of AeroFlexx, said, “By adopting the AeroFlexx Pak, companies can accelerate progress toward their environmental, social, and governance goals. For organizations that have fallen behind their targets, our packaging also offers a quick and easy way to get back on track.” 

How AeroFlexx liquid packaging enhances customer experience

AeroFlexx is transforming the plastic industry by offering sustainability along with experiential benefits that hit home with both retailers and customers. The packaging’s revolutionary design is as consumer-centric as it is environmentally friendly.

Both retailers and the environment benefit from the differences between shipping AeroFlexx flexible packs and traditional rigid bottles. The flexible packs are lightweight, compact, and remain completely flat when empty — all of which reduce shipping costs, carbon emissions, and fuel consumption during shipping. Furthermore, these durable packs minimize waste caused by breakage and eliminate the need for non-recyclable plastic packing materials, such as packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

Retailers also appreciate how customizable the AeroFlexx Pak is. These pouches can be manufactured to contain 6 to 40 ounces. And while traditional plastic bottles offer small labels for logos and writing, flexible packs provide room for graphics and branding across their entire surface area.

Consumers prefer flexible packs to traditional plastic packaging because of how easily they open and close. Customers can tear away the top of the AeroFlexx Pak and dispense the contents with one hand. These new plastic packs make hunting for scissors and wrestling with caps a thing of the past.

Best of all, AeroFlexx Paks close automatically with a self-sealing valve as soon as customers stop squeezing. Even if customers drop the pack or knock it off the counter, its contents will never spill or splatter. If they accidentally store a Pak upside down, they won’t have to worry about coming back to a mess they have to clean.

The revolutionary self-sealing valve also releases contents from the packs with unprecedented accuracy, allowing consumers to squeeze the amount they need down to the drop. The valve even eliminates waste by preventing contents from forming sticky residue around the package’s opening.

AeroFlexx envisioned a future that refused to compromise between consumer experience, brand value, and sustainability. They made that vision a reality by driving innovation and delivering superior packaging.

In an interview with NY Weekly, Meyer explains, “At AeroFlexx, we like to say we think outside the bottle. Traditional plastic packaging is rigid — both in terms of its physical form and the customization features it offers. Companies looking to positively impact the environment while also progressing their brand image should look to AeroFlexx packaging as an exciting new opportunity to get noticed by consumers while simultaneously accelerating their sustainability goals.”

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