5 Ways to Improve Your Collaborative SEO Effort for Better Organic Search Ranking?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular marketing strategy that allows you to improve your discoverability in Search Engine Research Pages (SERPs) to reach more of your target audiences without investing too much money. You can do this better if your team collaborates to produce worthy content for your site.

With collaborative effort and other elements combined, you can have a clear starting point on how to begin your SEO improvement. However, if you’re still confused, here’s a list of ways to improve your SEO strategy with team effort.

Outsource SEO Companies

Suppose your company lacks the resources to hire long-term employees to help you with your marketing, particularly SEO strategies. Then, outsourcing to a search engine optimization company or marketing companies to aid you with your business goals.

Moreover, outsourcing freelancers or companies allow you to focus more on your business activities and let your current employees put their attention on their main tasks. Thus, it helps increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. However, it would help if you remembered that it would be best to outsource companies in your locale to reach them easier.

Aside from that, you can have expert help targeting your local people before heading to the global economy.  In the United States, after the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increasing number of SEO freelancers after everyone was in quarantine.

You can look into the market to see what company or freelancer would fit your company best. Not only that, but several of them extend their expertise globally and accept clients from all over the world. Thus, you can expect relatively good people to work for you.

However, if you prefer local companies or freelancers, in Australia, particularly in one of its largest cities is the home to many competitive SEO companies in the country such as Sydney’s leading SEO agency: Impressive, which continues to provide its services to businesses all over the country.  Aside from that, they also offer free marketing plans to potential clients to help you figure out how you would want everything.

Invest in a Good Application

If you plan to outsource a team for your SEO marketing strategy, you’ll need a hub or software where you can work together, even if you’re not in the same place. An application or software where your marketing or outsourced team can easily present you their output or send their next steps would be very beneficial and efficient for your company. As such, an application like Sweet Process allows you to get things done efficiently in one place.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about having other people accessing your project since you can also easily adjust the security. So, you can only provide them access to the information you allow them to see.

Update All Content and Consolidate Pages

If you think uploading content is enough to improve your ranking on SERPs, you get it wrong. If you’ve already launched your website for a year or more, you must ensure that everything is updated with the latest information.

Since your site is supposed to answer your target customer’s queries, you should show them a satisfactory answer to what they need. In connection, search engines’ algorithms crawl to millions of website pages to rank all relevant pages. So, if your content is outdated or unrelated and irrelevant to today’s times, you’ll hardly be on the top.

Aside from that, if you’ve already published similar content with the same set of keywords, it’s best to consolidate them to prevent duplicate issues. Search engines can’t discern which page is best and might not show either of your pages in the SERPs instead. So, ensure that you have someone (or two or more) that reviews your current and past content so that you can produce a single but stronger page.

Aside from producing quality content, it would be best if you also took the chance to discover link-building opportunities. To explain it simply, link building is the process of having other sites link back to your website, which means you should be able to make a rapport to drive referral traffic to increase your organic rank.

Improve the Format of Your Content

Additionally, to improve your site’s ranking in SERPs is to target featured snippets like the one you see on top of the search results page on Google. In this way, you can get the user’s attention and increase site traffic. This snippet is designed to directly answer the user’s query without leaving the page. One way to do this is to improve the format of your content and provide relevant answers.

What you can do is first focus on the content you want to optimize and discover keywords that are relevant to your content with the search intent. Then, you can search for the keyword and see what is currently featured on the SERP. Note how their content was written and assess how the information was relayed to users. After that, edit your content.

Ensure that your content asks and answers the target question in the snippet section as straightforwardly and concisely as possible. Optimize your page with headers and subheaders. Also, try to formulate direct sentences that are as short using simple words.

Final Thoughts

With good collaboration between your team, you can expect better performances. After all, the team that works together to find the most effective keywords and relevant information to formulate the best SEO content will be your secret weapon. That and with other elements of SEO, you can then gradually improve your site’s ranking until you make it to the top.

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