Creating The First Impression: How To Make Your Store Look And Smell Fresh

When shoppers first visit stores, entrepreneurs want to leave a memorable impression. They want to ensure that consumers have a wonderful experience and come back. The smells and the visual of your store can create this effect. 

Did you know that the sense of smell affects consumer spending? According to research, retail stores that leverage fragrances enjoy a 40% increase in dwell time. Another study also reveals that most shoppers perceive scented areas as more luxurious than spaces without scents.  

This is why companies spend time on scent marketing. It includes using aromas from scented candles or diffusers, helping create an inviting ambiance. Retailers also use visual merchandising to make the store stand out and attract more shoppers. They leverage elements like displays, lighting, and color to draw attention to the store. These strategies make the consumers feel comfortable, encouraging them to continue shopping.  

If you can adopt these, you might gain these benefits: 

  • It Boosts Brand Recall  
  • It Improves Customer Experience 
  • It Increases Sales 
  • It Enhances Loyalty 

Now, here are six tips for getting started with visual merchandising and scent marketing: 

  1. Use Natural Elements 

Plants, flowers, and herbs can bring life to any space. This can be anything from a small section of your store or a display on the countertop. You can include them in displays throughout your store, from seasonal items like pumpkins in the fall. Likewise, why not add Christmas trees in December to permanent arrangements?  

These tips add color and texture to your retail store, making it more inviting. 

  1. Keep Up With Cleaning 

You’ll want your store to be free from any aisle obstruction that could push shoppers away. If you don’t regularly clean your spaces, they cause accidents like trips and falls. Aside from that, it doesn’t make your store look appealing even from the outside. 

So, make it a habit to dust shelves and clean off counters to make it more inviting for customers to browse around. Modify the layout of your shop space and the number of products you place on shelves. This makes it easier to dust off and make your areas look pleasing. Most importantly, keep all the trash out to prevent it from smelling. Nobody likes browsing shelves while sniffing terrible odors. 

Another thing you should consider is cleaning up spills immediately. Ensure that cleaning products are readily available for the staff to prevent accidents due to slippery floors. 

  1. Utilize Interactive Retail Displays 

One of the keys to a great in-store experience includes an interactive retail display. It entertains the shoppers, encouraging them to stay longer in the store.  

In addition, you can use it as a way to educate your consumers. Most don’t like wasting time reading about products and services anyway. What’s more, shoppers can choose to flip between various promotions. This changes their perspective on items, leading them to add the product to their carts and checkout at the cashier.  

Indeed, this technology helps your store look innovative and attractive to your customers. 

  1. Redesign Store Layout 

Shoppers like experiencing something new in retail stores. They want to see something different and exciting, so keeping your displays fresh is essential.  

Doing this involves a new store layout design to give everything a facelift. For instance, try moving the items around on shelves and racks so they don’t just line up in rows. Likewise, consider adjusting the height of the stands or putting the display products on different walls. 

You may even re-style your store depending on the seasons. During winter, why not decorate your store with snowmen mannequins to make shoppers feel cozy? Why don’t you put up some bright-colored umbrellas in every corner in summer? Such displays catch people’s attention! 

  1. Invest In Oil Scent Diffusers 

If you want your store to impress shoppers, scent diffusers are a great way to enhance the overall ambiance. These devices plug into your wall socket and disperse scents throughout the room. Add essential oil, and your store environment becomes more welcoming. 

The best part is that you have plenty of options to choose from. This includes lavender, rose, Roman chamomile, and peppermint. However, research the scents as some cause health issues like drowsiness and skin irritation. 

  1. Guide Shoppers Throughout The Store 

Nothing frustrates a consumer more than wandering and losing around a retail store. If your aisles don’t have directions, shoppers get confused, causing them to leave their carts. 

Avoiding this includes putting directional or wayfinding signages to help customers navigate the aisles. Point to them the aisle number of product categories to make it easier to find what they need. You could also include bathrooms, cashiers, and fitting rooms to make the shopping experience more convenient. 

Summing It Up 

The first impression of store visitors is essential as it affects their purchasing decision. Thus, prioritizing their experience is necessary if you want them to have a good experience and return soon. However, doing so requires putting effort into making your retail store smell nice and look appealing all the time. This may include investing in aroma products and improving the visuals of all store areas. That way, the shoppers leave satisfied, which might encourage them to recommend your brand to their peers.  

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