The Coolest Floats For Summer On The Market

The season of warmth and joy is almost here; the days are slowly getting longer, and the sun is shining brighter. For thrill-seekers, water enthusiasts, and summer revelers, that means it’s time to gear up for those hot days. If you, like many of us, are still holding on to your old floats, water balloons, and pool noodles, it might be time to retire those toys and level up your summer game with Float Factory. 

Self-described as A “family” made up of close friends, that have banded together to finally end boring days in the water, Float Factory creates products that can be used in any body of water — lakes, lazy rivers, pools, lagoons, or even the ocean. Their recent collection launches and the popularity of their Pool Punisher float are no coincidence — the team’s imaginative, daring designs are not only creative and fun, but downright crazy. 

Summer fun reinvented 

Established in 2019, Float Factory is extinguishing poolside boredom and ramping up the fun by ushering in a new era of poolside selfies — not the same old boring donuts, swans, or unicorns. Gone are the days when the fun and antics of summertime were limited to handheld blasters that required constant refilling or the quickly depleted cache of water balloons. With Float Factory’s one-of-a-kind floats and water cannons, everyone can have fun sweating out the summer sun in style.

Float Factory co-founders Patrick and Tommy Frank are on a mission to wage war on mediocre water toys, opting to create products that ignite joy. The duo has boldly declared that  their mission “is to bring out your inner kid no matter how old you are.” Patrick and Tommy’s first commitment to their cause was trading in their business suits for bathing suits. 

Summertime and wild times go hand in hand. Whether you’re young or young at heart, Float Factory’s floats are designed for everyone to have comfort and fun.

Out of the box, into the pool

As we wrap up the growing season and head into the summer months, the Float Factory team is rapidly recruiting new members to its #FloatNation with its Punisher collection. This collection caters to those who enjoy aquatic battles — anytime and anywhere. 

Featuring designs in the shape of military tanks, the Admiral, Pretty, Patriot, and original Pool Punisher’s attachable water cannons boast a range of up to 50 feet of water-spraying power, so opponents are guaranteed to know what blasted them before rallying their fellow troops for aquatic battle. Despite their hefty size and ability to hold up to 300 lbs, each float in the Punisher Collection is crafted to be maneuverable and comes battle-ready with cup holders and rope ties. 

If you’re tired of aquatic tank warfare, it’s time to exercise your right to “float” and join the only “par-tay” in pool politics with Float Factory’s Political Partay collection. This collection not only includes two additional tank-styled floats — the Trump Tank and Biden Blaster, each with attachable water cannons — but also features the Talking Biden Babe and the Talking Trump Hunk float. 

With a squeeze of either the Trump Hunk’s or Biden Babe’s hand, the float’s waterproof voicebox will serenade the crowd with 10 of the greatest presidential one-liners. These floats are guaranteed to make a splash with any crowd this summer. 

Gail B.E., says of the Trump Hunk, “I bought three of these, one for my republican uncle, one for my liberal neighbor and one for me to laugh at. Probably the best purchase I have ever made. 10/10.”

Rounding out Float Factory’s product lineup is their Fast collection, which contains some of the fastest inflatables ever invented. Stylized in the shape of iconic race cars, these floats are perfect for fast and fearless cruisers wanting to ride the waves in style while soaking up the rays.  

Jackie B.D. has always wanted to be a formula one driver, and says, “When I was a kid I wanted to be a F1 driver. Now I am an adult with a full time job who pretends to be a race car driver with his kids in the pool. These things are awesome.” 

Joseph D.L., a spirited patriot enhancing his floating experience, says, “The fact that I am floating around the water in a tank that blasts water is literally the best thing about my life this summer. The amount of people that come up to me makes me feel like a celebrity.”

With Float Factory, pool party hosts everywhere can rest easy knowing their entertainment is taken care of. And for those who prefer peace and relaxation over aquatic warfare, the floats created by Float Factory offer the perfect escape. 

Don’t be the unsuspecting lounger that gets ceremoniously tipped over on a hot summer day. All of the company’s float collection is crafted from military-grade 30mm vinyl, ensuring comfortable, carefree, and blissful lounging. This summer, ditch your boring old floats and choose superior buoyancy, ample space, and sturdy construction. And for those mischievous tippers out there, don’t worry — you’re welcome to grab a Float Factory float, too.

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