Use of acoustic booths for recruitment interviews

HushMeet acoustic conference booth

HushMeet acoustic conference booth

Recruitment interviews are an important process in any company to find the best candidate for a position. However, in order to conduct an effective and efficient interview both remotely and on site, it is necessary to ensure adequate acoustics and privacy. Due to rising rental prices and shrinking office space, companies often lack dedicated rooms, which affects the quality of meetings. This is where acoustic booths come to the rescue, which allow recruiting to be carried out in a comfortable and quiet environment. Learn how to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process of new employees and improve the image of the company in the eyes of the candidate with the help of office pods.

What affects the effectiveness of a recruitment interview?

Interviews require a great deal of attention and diligence on the part of the employer. Choosing the right candidate is often crucial to the effectiveness of the team. One important factor affecting the quality of the meeting is the venue. The problem arises when a company decides to recruit remotely and does not have a suitable room for videoconferencing. It is worth noting that too noisy a place spoils not only the image of the company, but also hinders communication. 

Many people feel very nervous when applying for a coveted job. If external factors, such as other employees’ conversations, interfere during the meeting, it is harder for them to focus and present their best. In this situation, Hushoffice acoustic booths will be a place that will allow the people participating in the meeting to concentrate solely on the precise formulation of questions and answers and the reading of non-verbal signals. 

Which acoustic booth to choose for interviews?

Choosing acoustic booths to conduct recruitment meetings is an economical and convenient investment. It does not require creating a separate room and hiring a repair team. The hushMeet teamwork booth is a ready-made room that allows you to carve out a comfortable space for business meetings, including recruitment or presentations. In addition, if the company relocates in the future, the booth can be easily moved to the new office. Two comfortable couches and a table guarantee comfort during the interview. Glazing makes the interior appear spacious despite a depth of 55 inches. For recruitments involving a larger number of HR people, opt for the eight-person hushAccess.L office booth, which will also work well as a conference room.

What are the benefits of using acoustic booths for recruitment interviews?

The use of acoustic booths for face to face and online recruitment interviews provides many benefits for both employers and job candidates:

  • The acoustic pod allows you to hold a conversation in a quiet and private place without outside interference. This allows the candidate to focus on the interview, while the recruiter is assured that nothing will interfere with their attention.
  • An office booth provides full protection for privacy and confidentiality of the conversation, which can be especially important for sensitive topics such as salary negotiations or details related to a previous job.
  • The acoustic booth can be equipped with the appropriate audio and video equipment to ensure high quality audio and video during online recruitment. 
  • The use of modern technological solutions, such as acoustic booths, can positively affect the company’s image in the eyes of the candidate.

What functionalities should an acoustic booth for online recruitment have?

An acoustic booth for online recruiting must have several important features that will affect the quality and convenience of the interviews. 

  1. It should be adequately soundproofed to keep out outside noise and prevent the spread of sounds from inside the booth. However, it must not be completely silent, as it is unnatural and unhealthy for humans
  2. Adequate lighting is important to make conversation comfortable and hassle-free. In hushHybrid booths, motion-sensor-activated side bars make the face more attractive and the caller’s gestures clearly visible, which affects the quality of communication.
  3. Hushoffice booths are soundproof, but still provide adequate ventilation. The system has a capacity between 100 m³/h and 140 m³/h depending on the model. 
  4. Equipped with an ergonomic chair and table, it helps provide a comfortable and stable place for a person conducting even a longer interview.
  5. Built-in power outlets and USB inputs so you can plug in your laptop or tablet and avoid interruptions during the recruitment meeting.

In summary, a good acoustic booth for online recruitment interviews should provide privacy and peace of mind, as well as be easy to use and guarantee power and a stable Internet connection.

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