From West to East: How Studio North Became a Household Name in Vancouver and Toronto’s Dance Communities

The Journey Begins: Scott & Carmen Forsyth’s Vision

Before Studio North became a household name in Vancouver and Toronto, its inception can be traced back to the passion and dedication of its co-founders, Scott and Carmen Forsyth. Scott, a Burnaby native, had already made a name for himself as an internationally acclaimed choreographer and educator, teaching in more than 30 countries and 50 cities worldwide. Carmen, who grew up in Surrey, rose to become one of the most influential leaders in the Vancouver dance community winning multiple awards for her choreography and performances. With both of their expertise and reputation, Scott and Carmen were poised to make a significant impact on the Canadian dance scene.

Studio North’s Roots: Vancouver

Studio North’s journey began in 2019 when Scott and Carmen opened their first location in Burnaby, BC. Their goal was to create a state-of-the-art facility that would revolutionize the dance studio experience and provide a nurturing environment for dancers of all levels. With a focus on quality, integrity, and attention to detail, the Forsyths set the stage for Studio North’s success in Vancouver.

From the start, Studio North attracted top talent from across Canada, becoming a hub for world-class instruction and fostering a strong sense of community. As the studio’s reputation grew, so too did its memberships, attracting dancers not only from Vancouver but also from across the country. Studio North quickly became a leading force in the Vancouver dance scene, known for its innovative programs, top-notch instructors, and unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Expanding East: Studio North Toronto

Buoyed by their success in Vancouver, Scott and Carmen saw there was a need for a professional dance studio that served the dance community in another city close to their hearts: Toronto. In 2021, they opened Studio North Toronto in the heart of downtown. Toronto, already a thriving dance community, was the perfect location for Studio North’s expansion.

The new studio quickly gained traction in Toronto’s dance communitye, offering the same world-class instruction, state-of-the-art facilities, and welcoming atmosphere as its Vancouver counterpart. Studio North Toronto began to attract local talent, providing dancers with opportunities to learn from the best in the industry and fostering a supportive environment for dancers to develop their skills and passion.

Building a Strong Online Presence

Studio North’s expansion was not limited to its brick-and-mortar locations. Recognizing the power of digital platforms, Scott and Carmen launched Studio North TV during the pandemic, allowing dancers from around the world to learn from Canada’s top teachers from the comfort of their own homes. This online platform further solidified Studio North’s reputation as a leader in the dance industry and helped to establish its presence in both Vancouver and Toronto.

In addition to Studio North TV, Scott Forsyth’s personal social media presence has played a significant role in the studio’s success. With over 18 million channel views, 190,000 YouTube subscribers, and 140,000 Instagram followers, Scott’s online reach has helped to elevate Studio North’s brand and expand its influence in the dance community.

Collaborations and Partnerships

A key factor in Studio North’s rise to fame has been its strategic collaborations and partnerships with renowned choreographers, dance educators, and local organizations. By hosting workshops and events featuring well-known industry professionals, Studio North has provided unique learning opportunities for dancers in both Vancouver and Toronto.

These partnerships have also helped Studio North to give back to its community, offering dance classes and workshops to underprivileged youth and giving back to local charities and nonprofits. These initiatives have not only bolstered Studio North’s reputation but also emphasized its commitment to making dance accessible and inclusive for all.

Success Stories: From Dancers to Faculty

Studio North’s dedication to nurturing and developing talent has led to numerous success stories among its dancers and teachers. Almost all of Studio North’s faculty were once dancers training under both Scott and Carmen. Dancers from Studio North have gone on to pursue professional dance careers, participate in prestigious competitions, and even become instructors and choreographers themselves. These success stories have further enhanced Studio North’s reputation as a premier dance institution, attracting aspiring dancers from both Vancouver and Toronto.

A Strong Sense of Community

Perhaps the most significant factor in Studio North’s rise to fame in Vancouver and Toronto has been its unwavering commitment to building and fostering a strong sense of community. By creating an inclusive, welcoming environment, Studio North has succeeded in cultivating a loyal and passionate membership base that extends far beyond the walls of its studios.

This sense of community is nurtured through various dance events, workshops, and social gatherings, which encourage collaboration, networking, and personal growth among dancers. By prioritizing community-building, Studio North has not only gained a reputation for excellence but has also created a supportive ecosystem that enables dancers to thrive and reach their full potential.

The Impact on the Canadian Dance Scene

Studio North’s journey from its humble beginnings in Burnaby to becoming a household name in both Vancouver and Toronto has had a significant impact on the Canadian dance scene. By raising the bar for dance education and providing unparalleled opportunities for growth and development, Studio North has inspired a new generation of dancers and choreographers to pursue their dreams and push the boundaries of the art form.

The studio’s influence has also extended beyond the dance floor, as Scott and Carmen Forsyth have demonstrated the importance of combining passion, dedication, and entrepreneurship to create a thriving business that enriches the lives of its members and contributes to the wider dance community.

Looking to the Future

As Studio North continues to grow and evolve, its influence in both Vancouver and Toronto’s dance communities is undeniable. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and community-building, the studio is poised to continue shaping the Canadian dance landscape for years to come.

With plans for further expansion and the ongoing development of new programs and partnerships, Studio North’s future looks bright. As Scott and Carmen Forsyth’s vision continues to unfold, there’s no doubt that Studio North will remain a driving force in the dance community, inspiring dancers from coast to coast and leaving an indelible mark on the world of dance.

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