A Definitive Guide to Diving Wetsuits – What Brands Are the Best in 2023

Underwater diving is an adventurous way of gaining a new perspective on our planet. While it is a fun activity, it requires planning and preparation. As such, the right wetsuit can make or break the diving experience.

Finding the right wetsuit packages does not have to be challenging. Continue reading for a complete guide on how to purchase the best one for you.

Everything to Consider When Purchasing Wetsuit Packages

There are several factors that you should consider when searching for the right wetsuit. You need to contemplate the material, the fit, and the overall style. However, routine divers would say that the most crucial factor is functionality.

This gear protects the body from extreme cold and, overall, keeps them safer. As a result, it is best to purchase a wetsuit package.

The wetsuit and accessories should come from the same brand. This ensures that all the equipment is compatible with each other, which helps you stay safe and enjoy your dive.

Before you can select just any wetsuit package, you need to know the critical factors that can affect your diving experience. The following is a list of everything that can impact your wetsuit package:

·         Comfort and mobility

·         Material

·         Type of wetsuit

·         Thickness

·         Personal style

·         Accessories

·         Customer Service

Let’s dive into this guide and discover the specifics of the perfect wetsuit!

Comfort and Mobility

Besides functionality, comfort is the next most important aspect of finding the right wetsuit. If it does not fit properly, it can be challenging to move around, not only risking your enjoyment but also your safety.

Try on the wetsuit before making a final decision. Move around by completing arm circles and wiggling your legs. You should be able to complete a full range of motion. There should be no restrictions on movement. If there is, try the next size or switch to a different brand.

Pay attention to the number of panels within the wetsuits. More panels require more stitching. While this can fit better to your body, it compromises flexibility. As such, if you feel movement restriction, you can also search for an alternative wetsuit with fewer panels.


The lining material is what comes in direct contact with your skin. This is the section that traps and retains body heat. You should select the material that you are most comfortable with. Common materials include nylon and polyester.

Be sure that the interior material is quick to dry, as this can keep you even more comfortable during the dive.

The outside material is different. Neoprene is the standard material used for the exterior. This is because it is lightweight and enhances body heat retention. There are two types of neoprene to select from—chemical neoprene and gas injection.

Chemical neoprene is the cheaper option. Consequently, it is not as strong or effective as the gas injection alternative. The gas injection neoprene is often applied to premium wetsuits. Therefore, your experience level could affect which material you select.

Type of Wetsuit

The type of suit in the wetsuit package refers to the style. There are many options available but the most popular include:

·         Full-body wetsuit

·         Shorties

·         Farmer John

As you can imagine, a full-body wetsuit is a wetsuit that fully covers the arms and legs. In contrast, shorties provide short sleeves and minimal leg coverage. They are ideal for dives in warmer waters.

The Farmer John option is a mix of both. They either provide long-sleeve coverage for the arms or legs and short-sleeve coverage for the other.


Determining the thickness of your wetsuit means understanding the temperature of the water you intend to explore. Wetsuits are measured on a thickness scale using millimeters (mm).

The thickest standard wetsuits are called semi-dry suits. These are typically 8 mm around the body and 7 mm on the arms and legs. Made for really cold water, semi-dry suits are the next best option before purchasing a complete dry suit.

Other options include a 7 mm and a 3 mm wetsuit. The 7 mm attaches well to accompanying gloves, boots, and other gear. It is ideal for water temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the 3 mm is best for the summer when water temperatures range between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

A wetsuit package can also contain a 5 mm wetsuit. However, if you are not a regular diver, this wetsuit may not be necessary, as it is geared more toward the springtime when temperatures are between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


To get the most bang for your buck, a wetsuit package should come complete with compatible gear and accessories to keep you safe and warm. This means more than just the wetsuit. The package should include gloves, boots, and a head covering.

The thickness of the accessories does not have to be the same as the wetsuit. The gloves and the hood should be about one size down from the wetsuit for optimal flexibility. If you purchase a wetsuit package with a 5 mm wetsuit, the accessories should include 3 mm gloves and a 3 mm hood.

Customer Service

Each wetsuit package follows a similar sizing scale and uses similar materials. However, not every brand has the same customer service practices. When you shop for different packages, certain considerations could make your shopping experience more efficient.

Below are some qualities to consider in a brand that offers wetsuit packages:

·         Free shipping

·         Option to shop in the store

·         Option to shop online

·         Price guarantee

·         Overall price and value for quality

·         Free returns and return shipping

Brands with the Best Packages

Where should you start your search for a wetsuit package with the best gear? Here are some top choices:


One of the most well-known names in wetsuit brands, NeoSport has a wide range of wetsuits to shop from, including top-notch boots, gloves, and hoods.


Cressi houses all sorts of professional scuba diving equipment, including wetsuit packages. Their wetsuits range from 7 mm to 2.5 mm. You can buy all the accessories from this same brand to ensure compatibility.

Pinnacle Aquatics

This brand is about producing top-of-the-line thermal diving products to ensure divers have the best, most comfortable experience. Unlike other brands mentioned, Pinnacle Aquatics offers 8 mm wetsuits in addition to the traditional 7 mm, 5 mm, or 3 mm.

The brand also offers standard accessories, such as boots and gloves. It also offers other add-ons, including mask strap covers.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of things to consider when purchasing a wetsuit package. Keeping safety and functionality in mind can lead to ideal comfort and more enjoyable dives.

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