Lightspeed Commerce Revolutionizes Assortment Planning with NuORDER Assortments for Brands


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Lightspeed Commerce Inc. has launched NuORDER Assortments, a groundbreaking assortment planning solution that transforms how brands strategize their product offerings.

With this cutting-edge technology, brands can optimize their assortments and deliver the right mix of products at the right time and place. NuORDER Assortments provides a collaborative online environment that allows brands to curate, visualize, and plan assortments seamlessly within a single platform, according to Lightspeed.

Traditional assortment planning methods often involved manual processes and disconnected data systems, resulting in inefficiencies and missed opportunities for brands. However, with NuORDER Assortments, brands can bid farewell to cumbersome procedures and embrace a streamlined digital environment. The platform empowers brands to effortlessly visualize, merchandise, and plan assortments across multiple storefronts, eliminating inefficiencies and maximizing productivity.

NuORDER Assortments has received accolades from industry professionals and esteemed retail partners, including Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Macy’s. These retail giants have already experienced the benefits of this technology, and now Lightspeed brings the advantages of NuORDER Assortments directly to brands themselves.

Early adopters of NuORDER Assortments have reported significant time savings in the pre-season planning process. The solution streamlines tasks such as error fixing, sizing efforts, and manual data entry, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. Brands can focus their energy on strategic decision-making and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Stephanie Gin, Director of Buying at Brunello Cucinelli, shares her positive experience, stating that the implementation of NuORDER Assortments has streamlined their buying process, improved collaboration, and replaced manual processes. The ability to instantly visualize assortments and access real-time data has become essential to their operations.

NuORDER Assortments offers key features that enable brands to identify and address merchandising gaps effectively. Visual style-outs and the ability to review plans based on store or product attributes ensure a cohesive and balanced assortment across retail locations. The solution also enhances internal collaboration among buying, planning, and allocation teams, allowing for real-time sharing and editing of assortments.

Lightspeed Commerce, a leading B2B platform powering commerce and discovery, acquired NuORDER in 2021. With a history of providing innovative technology solutions, Lightspeed has focused on streamlining various retail processes. The addition of NuORDER Assortments expands their product offering, revolutionizing how brands merchandise their stores and empowering them to drive more efficient and profitable assortments.

Lightspeed Commerce Inc., listed as LSPD on the NYSE, has established itself as a trusted partner for brands and retailers worldwide. Their comprehensive platform, which includes virtual showroom technology, visual assortment and merchandising tools, and integrated payment solutions, has gained popularity among over 3,000 brands and more than 100,000 retailers.

With the introduction of NuORDER Assortments, Lightspeed Commerce continues to revolutionize the retail industry. By leveraging the power of a collaborative online platform, brands can curate assortments more effectively, minimize errors, and maximize profitability. Lightspeed’s commitment to innovation and the acquisition of NuORDER further solidify their position as a leader in providing comprehensive solutions for brands and retailers.


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