Top 5 Small Business Ideas for Young Adults in 2023

Starting a small business may seem overwhelming and frightening for those with high aversions to risk. However, it can also be a rewarding and exciting journey for many young adults who wish to unleash their inner entrepreneur.

Thanks to the rapidly evolving business landscape of 2023, there are now more opportunities than ever for young entrepreneurs to leverage emerging trends and make waves in their chosen industries. Let’s explore the five most promising small business ideas young adults can venture into in 2023. 

From sustainability to the digital realm, these small business ideas cover many sectors with immeasurable growth and success potential. 

1. E-commerce Store With Niche Products

The e-commerce industry has been on the rise since its invention in the late 1970s and shows no indication of slowing down, thanks to the development of modern technologies. That makes it the ideal option for young entrepreneurs to explore and prosper.

By creating online stores specializing in specific niches, young adults can target particular audiences and cater to their unique needs. These niches in the e-commerce landscape can include anything from handmade crafts and eco-friendly products to specialized tech gadgets and customized pet accessories.

Effective digital marketing strategies and leveraging social media platforms enable these young entrepreneurs to attract clients and generate revenue. Some famous examples of niche products one can market and sell include organic beauty products, sustainable home goods, vintage clothing, unique pet accessories, and personalized jewelry.

Organic and natural beauty products

As consumers become more conscious of what ingredients they put on their skin, the demand for natural and organic beauty products steadily grows. E-commerce stores specializing in this niche typically offer a selection of chemical-free makeup, haircare, personal care, and skin care products.

Today’s consumers prioritize brands that promote cruelty-free practices, eco-friendly packaging, and sustainable sourcing. By prioritizing the natural and organic beauty segment, a young entrepreneur can help their store appeal to environmentally conscious consumers that seek more sustainable and safer alternatives to traditional beauty products.

Sustainable home goods

Similarly, eco-consciousness has increased among consumers looking for sustainable home options. E-commerce stores specializing in sustainable home goods provide various products that encourage environmentally friendly living.

That includes zero-waste cleaning supplies, eco-friendly home décor, reusable kitchenware, and energy-efficient appliances. By providing a meticulously curated selection of sustainable options, these stores can cater to individuals committed to creating a greener environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

Unique pet accessories

Pet owners today look for stylish and unique accessories for their favorite furry companions. E-commerce stores specializing in unique pet accessories explore and prosper significantly from this growing market.

These stores provide a wide array of accessories, toys, personalized items, and trendy clothing for pets that allow their owners to express the individuality of their pets. Some stores specialize in handcrafted or luxury items, while other stores may prioritize eco-friendly pet products.

Customized jewelry

Customized and personalized products have become immensely popular in recent years, so many e-commerce stores specialize in customized jewelry to meet this demand. These stores allow customers to personalize and design jewelry pieces according to their specifications, such as birthstone rings, engraved bracelets, and initial necklaces.

By providing a user-friendly interface that allows customers to customize their jewelry and view a preview of the final product, these stores offer a personalized and unique shopping experience.

Vintage and retro clothing

The appeal of retro and vintage fashion continues to capture the interest of many consumers looking for nostalgic and unique styles. E-commerce stores specializing in retro and vintage clothing offer various carefully curated accessories, footwear, and clothing from past decades.

These stores cater to fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the craftsmanship, distinctive designs, and quality of vintage pieces. Providing an online platform for customers to purchase these vintage pieces enables e-commerce stores to become a place for people seeking one-of-a-kind and timeless looks.

2.   Personal Fitness Training

The health and wellness sector is a thriving industry that presents an excellent opportunity for young adults passionate about fitness and assisting others in leading a healthier lifestyle. Pursuing a career as a personal fitness trainer allows one to work one-on-one with clients to establish a customized workout plan and provide guidance on nutrition.

A young adult can offer virtual training programs, in-person sessions, or a mix of both to cater to a broader demographic.

3. Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have become critical to the average person’s daily life in this digital age. If you have a passion for technology and a talent for coding, starting a mobile application development business can be highly fulfilling and lucrative.

Develop user-friendly and innovative apps that address typical problems consumers or specific industries face. You can work independently or offer your services to organizations to generate revenue through in-app purchases and downloads.

Mobile Gaming Apps

The mobile gaming industry has experienced explosive growth over the last decade and has many opportunities for young app developers. By designing and developing an addictive and captivating mobile game, a young app developer can attract a sizeable user base and monetize through various channels.

In-app purchases, where a user buys premium features or virtual goods, can be a massive source of revenue. Additionally, collaborating with brands for sponsorships, offering paid versions of the game, or integrating advertisements into your game app can significantly contribute to monetization.

Fitness and wellness apps

Mobile apps promoting mental well-being, nutrition, and fitness have recently gained massive popularity with the growing focus on the health and wellness industry. Young adults passionate about health and wellness can develop apps for meal planning, habit tracking, meditation guides, or workout routines.

To monetize these apps, you can partner with fitness brands for sponsorships, provide premium subscriptions for personalized coaching, or offer a freemium model with in-app purchases for advanced features.

Language learning apps

While globalization thrives, learning another language has become an invaluable skill. Young adults who have a talent for learning languages or are multilingual can design and develop mobile apps that facilitate learning new languages.

These apps can include vocabulary drills, cultural insights, interactive lessons, and pronunciation guides. Developers can monetize these apps by offering premium content and partnering with language institutions and schools to provide additional learning resources, certification courses, or subscription models.

Productivity and task management apps

In this fast-paced world, the demand for productivity and task management applications is at an all-time high. Young adults with organization skills can design and develop apps that assist users in managing their time, tracking habits, enhancing productivity, and setting goals.

A developer can achieve monetization by incorporating advertisements or by providing a basic version of the application that charges for premium features. Another method is to build a platform that users can access for additional services or resources related to productivity, like coaching sessions and online courses.

On-demand service apps

By providing efficiency and convenience, on-demand service applications have transformed various industries. Young adults can develop applications connecting users with grocery shopping, pet care, transportation, food delivery, or house cleaning.

A developer can monetize this app through commissions or transaction fees on each service provided using the application. Partnerships with restaurants or local businesses can generate revenue through referrals and advertising.

Personal finance apps

Managing one’s finances is a tedious universal concern that almost everyone dreads, which makes personal finance apps a highly sought-after godsend of modern technology and app development. Young adults passionate about technology and finance can design and develop applications that help users track expenses, budget, set financial goals, and track investments.

A developer can monetize these apps by offering premium coaching services, financial advice, or partnering with financial institutions to provide personalized recommendations and financial products.

4.   Subscription Box Service

In recent years, subscription box services have gained popularity by offering curated experiences and products straight to customers’ doors. Young entrepreneurs can capitalize on this trend by starting a subscription box service focusing on a specific niche or theme.

Whether it’s beauty products, outdoor gear, gourmet food, or gaming accessories and collectibles, it is ideal for offering a personalized and unique experience that keeps your subscribers excited and hungry for more.

5. Virtual Event Planning

With the increasing prominence of virtual gatherings and remote work comes a rise in demand for virtual event planning services. With excellent communication and organizational skills, young adults can offer virtual event planning services that help businesses and individuals host and organize engaging webinars, workshops, and online conferences.

Leveraging digital platforms and tools enables a young entrepreneur to build memorable experiences that bring individuals and organizations together virtually.

Build Your Business While You Can Take Risks

As mentioned, 2023’s entrepreneurial landscape offers many opportunities for young adults to kick-start their small businesses. The best time to do it is while you are young and capable of taking investment risks.

Young entrepreneurs can create a niche and make successful investments by identifying rising trends and capitalizing on their skills and passions. By embracing these top five small business ideas, young adults can embark on an exciting journey toward entrepreneurship and financial stability in 2023 and the years after.

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