Flower Demands in the APAC Market

It is not unknown that flowers have an uncanny ability to evoke feelings of joy, love, and much more than a human can comprehend. But, nowhere is this more evident than in diverse floral empire of the Asia-Pacific region. From the tropical shores of the Philippines to the busy cityscapes of Singapore, the cultural bouquets of Malaysia, the spiritual offerings of Thailand, and the fragrant oasis of Hong Kong, the demand for flowers tells a story that goes beyond mere commerce.

Hong Kong

Amidst the urban maze of Hong Kong, flowers stand as fragrant oases of respite. In this bustling metropolis, where space is at a premium, flowers find their way onto windowsills, balconies, and markets. Hong Kongers have embraced the beauty of blooms as a means of connection to the natural world. Here, the demand for flowers goes beyond traditions; it is an affirmation of life’s simple pleasures. Orchids, lilies, and chrysanthemums offer both solace and joy in a city that never sleeps. Hong Kong’s flower story is a reflection of its spirit – tenacious, adaptable, and ever blooming amidst the concrete.


Journey to the land of smiles, Thailand, where flowers are offerings of beauty, gratitude, and devotion. In Thai Buddhism, the act of offering flowers at temples is not just a ritual; it’s a way of life. Lotus flowers symbolize purity rising from the mud, while marigolds and jasmine adorn shrines in vibrant arrays. The intricate art of ‘Phuang Malai,’ or flower garlands, is a testament to the Thai people’s devotion to aesthetics and spirituality. Yet, amidst this intricate beauty lies a contemplative truth – the fleeting nature of life. Just as flowers bloom and wither, so do moments, making each petal an invitation to savour the present.

The Philippines

Step into the Philippines, a country where flowers are more than just decorations; they are symbols of life’s profound emotions. In the heart of Baguio City, the Panagbenga Festival transforms the streets into a floral wonderland, celebrating the resilience of the human spirit. Beyond the festivities, flowers hold a deeper significance in Filipino culture. They express love during courtship, offer solace in times of grief, and mark joyous celebrations. From vibrant sampaguita garlands to intricate arrangements of anthuriums, the Filipino love affair with flowers is a reflection of their capacity to connect hearts and souls. The tropical climate only adds to this floral symphony, nurturing a unique palette of blooms that mirror the warmth and vitality of the Filipino spirit.


In Malaysia, flowers are ambassadors of unity in diversity. The country’s rich ethnic mosaic is reflected in its flower demands, each petal telling a unique cultural story. From the elaborate floral decorations of Hari Raya to the vibrant garlands adorning temples during Thaipusam, flowers hold a special place in the hearts of Malaysians. They signify blessings, prosperity, and the ties that bind communities together. In this nation of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, flowers have become a common language that bridges divides and strengthens bonds. The flower markets come alive with the vibrant hues of roses, jasmine, and marigolds, mirroring the harmonious blend of cultures that defines Malaysia.


Known as the ‘City in a Garden,’ Singapore‘s identity is inseparable from the delicate grace of orchids. These exotic blooms not only grace the city’s landscapes but also hold cultural significance, symbolizing luxury, refinement, and strength. The city’s affinity for flowers doesn’t stop at orchids; it embraces a myriad of floral varieties, a reflection of the multiple cultures woven into Singaporean society. The Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western influences seamlessly blend in a fragrant bouquet, making every celebration, from Lunar New Year to Deepavali, a riot of colours and scents. Singapore’s demand for flowers tells a tale of a society that has ingeniously interwoven its natural beauty with its urban soul.


Taiwan’s flower demands reflect a harmony between tradition and progress. From the delicate plum blossoms of winter, signalling the arrival of spring, to the exquisite peonies celebrated during the Lunar New Year, flowers intertwine with festivals, marking the passage of time. The reverence for flowers extends to religious practices as well, with intricate floral arrangements adorning temples and shrines, a testament to the island’s spiritual depth. Taiwan’s flower demands prompts us to reflect on the nation’s journey towards becoming a global technological powerhouse while retaining its cultural roots. The demand for flowers here is not just a transaction; it’s a celebration of tenacity, a homage to nature’s beauty, and a homage to the island’s indomitable spirit.


Flowers, with their ephemeral beauty and profound symbolism, touch hearts across cultures, languages, and borders. They remind us to find joy in celebrations, strength in unity, and beauty in the fleeting. From the Philippines to Hong Kong, the floral demands are not just economic transactions; these are manifestations of the ability of the human spirit to form connections, contemplate, and value the intricate beauty of the world.

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