Armbruster Moving & Storage: Ohio’s Most Trusted Moving Company Since 2001

When it comes to relocating, be it your residence or commercial enterprise, the journey from deciding to move to settling down in the new place can be filled with challenges and unexpected hurdles. However, having a reliable and professional moving company by your side can alleviate much of the stress associated with moving. 

Armbruster Moving & Storage has been recognized as the most trusted moving company in Ohio since 2001, garnering a reputation that stands out amidst the competitive market. Through diligent service and a customer-centric approach, Armbruster Moving & Storage is the most trusted moving company in the Ohio community.

Origin of Trust

The journey of Armbruster Moving & Storage becoming the most trusted moving company in Ohio since 2001 has its roots traced back to 2001. This was the year when the brothers’ Chuck and Gary Armbruster took a leap of faith by purchasing the Cleveland-based Mayflower agency, Campus Movers. Before this venture, for a solid 25 years, the duo had been an integral part of the same business, showcasing their mettle as some of the most respected and hard-working owner-operators. 

The good reputation that the Armbruster brothers garnered over the years became the cornerstone upon which Armbruster Moving & Storage, Inc. was built, blossoming into an award-winning agency known for its quality service and strong family culture.

The 17 years post their acquisition saw Armbruster Moving & Storage ascend as one of Mayflower’s leading agencies. Today, the company stands tall as one of the most-awarded agencies within the Mayflower family, still echoing the remarkable reputations set forth by the Armbruster family all those years ago. 

Although many family members continue to work diligently within the business, the company’s family-driven culture and track record of success have also beckoned some of the industry’s top talent, further bolstering its operational excellence.

The decades of expertise amassed in the realms of moving, storage, and logistics have poised Armbruster Moving & Storage as the best-equipped business to cater to your needs whether they be local, national, or international. Every move orchestrated by Armbruster is conducted with a high degree of care and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your relocation is nothing short of successful. 

This way, you can swiftly transition back to what matters most in your life. The ethos of Armbruster Moving & Storage is more than just words; it’s a proven track record of successful relocations and a long list of satisfied customers. They cordially invite you to put their name to the test, keen to extend their proven methods of successful relocation techniques to work for you, ensuring a seamless transition to your new beginnings.

Services Offered

Diverse service offerings are a hallmark of Armbruster Moving & Storage. The spectrum of services they provide caters to a wide array of moving needs, ensuring that whatever your requirement, they have a solution tailored for you.

Residential Moving

Residential moving comes with its own set of challenges and emotional transitions. Armbruster Moving & Storage extends a meticulous approach to ensure that your residential moving is seamless and hassle-free. From packing your belongings with the utmost care to ensuring they are delivered and arranged in your new abode, every step is executed with precision.

Commercial Moving

In the commercial realm, time is money, and any downtime can incur losses. Armbruster Moving & Storage, the most trusted moving company in Ohio since 2001, epitomizes efficiency and swiftness in its commercial moving services. They plan and execute the move with a structured approach to ensure minimal downtime and disruption.

Storage Solutions

Apart from moving services, Armbruster Moving & Storage offers secure storage solutions. Whether you need short-term storage while transitioning or long-term storage solutions, they have got you covered.

Why Ohioans Prefer Armbruster

In a market that’s saturated with numerous moving companies, standing out is an achievement that not many can boast of. However, Armbruster Moving & Storage is the most trusted moving company in Ohio since 2001, which is a tagline not just backed by words, but by actions. The preference that the locals have for Armbruster is rooted in several critical facets that the company excels in.

Experienced Professionals

Having a team of seasoned professionals is one of the many reasons why Ohioans prefer Armbruster Moving & Storage. Their team isn’t just adept at the technical aspects of moving but also possesses a customer-centric attitude, making them approachable and reliable. The extensive training and the years of experience they have amassed over time contribute to a seamless moving process.

With each move, there’s a unique set of challenges, and having a seasoned team ensures that no matter the hurdle, a solution is always at hand. Their professionalism isn’t just about doing the job right; it’s about ensuring the customer is comfortable and satisfied throughout the moving process.

Awards and Recognition

The reputation of Armbruster Moving & Storage as the most trusted moving company in Ohio since 2001 is not only built on customer satisfaction and community involvement but also through numerous accolades acknowledging their superior service quality. These awards serve as a testament to Armbruster’s commitment to excellence in the moving industry.

President’s Quality Award Recipient

Armbruster Moving & Storage has been a recipient of the prestigious President’s Quality Award multiple times in the years 2004, 2010, 2014, 2016, and 2017. This award is the highest honor given to any Mayflower agent, based on a variety of quality-indicating factors. 

Among these factors are consistently high customer rankings, an outstanding claims ratio, an excellent safety ranking, and an outstanding “willingness to recommend” score. This recognition underscores Armbruster’s relentless pursuit of providing quality moving services that exceed customer expectations.

Customer Excellence Award – A Repeated Honor

A remarkable 18-time winner of the Customer Excellence Award, most recently in 2022, Armbruster Moving & Storage’s dedication to quality moving performance is undeniable. This award by Mayflower recognizes the top moving companies within its family, based on customer feedback and a host of quality measures detailed by customers through a comprehensive Customer Survey Process.

Previously known as the Customer Choice Award, this accolade further solidifies Armbruster’s position as a customer-centric moving company committed to delivering exceptional services.

Heart of Quality Award – An Acknowledgment of Individual Performance

Between 2010-2015 and again in 2018, Armbruster Moving & Storage was a proud recipient of the Heart of Quality Award. This award acknowledges excellent individual performance as measured by Mayflower’s customers on a post-move survey. 

Chosen from among the move coordinators at more than 300 domestic Mayflower agencies, the winners and honorable mention recipients of this award are recognized for their performance efforts throughout each calendar year. 

The role of move coordinators is crucial as they serve as a single point of contact for the customer and all service providers throughout the entire moving process, ensuring a successful relocation experience from preparation through to the final delivery stages. This recognition reflects the high level of professionalism and customer-oriented service provided by Armbruster Moving & Storage’s dedicated team. 

These awards and recognitions are not just plaques on the wall but a manifestation of Armbruster Moving & Storage’s commitment to offering exemplary moving services. They reflect a culture of excellence, customer satisfaction, and an enduring effort to be the most trusted moving company in Ohio.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

The adage, “The customer is always right,” holds water, especially in service-oriented industries like moving. Customer reviews and testimonials are a mirror reflecting the true image of a company’s service quality and customer satisfaction level. Armbruster Moving & Storage, being the most trusted moving company in Ohio since 2001, boasts a myriad of positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

The gleaming reviews are a testament to Armbruster’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch moving services. Real people sharing real experiences paint a clear picture of what to expect when you opt for Armbruster’s moving services.

Supporting Local Charities

In line with its community-centric ethos, Armbruster Moving & Storage has been active in supporting local charities. Their contributions extend beyond merely writing checks, as they offer their moving services to help these organizations in various capacities. This active involvement reflects a company that is willing to give back to the community it operates in.

Educational Initiatives

Education is the cornerstone of a progressive community. Armbruster Moving & Storage has engaged in educational initiatives that aim at enriching the local education landscape. Be it through sponsorships, providing logistic support for educational events, or engaging in educational programs, their involvement is palpable.


Choosing the right moving company is crucial for a stress-free and successful move. Armbruster Moving & Storage has proven to be the most trusted moving company in Ohio since 2001, by not only providing exemplary moving services but also engraining itself in the community it serves. 

Their experienced professionals, customized service packages, and community involvement, among other attributes, make them stand out in the crowded moving industry landscape. When moving in Ohio, entrusting your belongings to Armbruster Moving & Storage isn’t just choosing a moving company; it’s choosing a reliable partner dedicated to making your moving experience seamless and satisfactory.

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