How to Futureproof Your Lifestyle

What does it mean to futureproof something? The relatively new term refers to making decisions and choices that help people build a comfortable and enjoyable life in the near and distant future. The reason it’s necessary is that scientific and technological advancements are happening so quickly. It wasn’t long ago that everyone was still using rotary phones and dial up internet connections.

The lesson is that now is the time to adapt to changes in all aspects of life. Some of the best ways to prepare include taking decisive actions, such as purchasing a hybrid-electric plug-in vehicle, installing a home elevator, adding solar panels to your rooftop, establishing a long-term financial plan, and learning to play pickleball. Here are more details to help you get started.

Get a PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid-Electric Vehicle)

While it’s hard to predict the direction of the all-electric vehicle market, hybrids are already big sellers among all age and income demographics. One of the simplest ways to gear up for the future of personal transportation is to acquire a PHEV. They’re the combination models that allow drivers to switch between all-electric or gasoline and electric power at the push of a button.

The Chevy Volt was the first mainstream offering in the niche in 2011, but since then, dozens of carmakers have produced their own versions. PHEVs offer flexibility for drivers who live in urban, suburban, and rural areas. If you own one, it’s easy enough to cut gasoline costs, minimize emissions, and enjoy the option of choosing electric propulsion only when you want it. There are several national and state sponsored programs that offer tax incentives to buyers who choose PHEVs, so don’t miss out on this exciting way to update your transportation options.

Install a Home Elevator

Private elevators are part of the present and future of interior decor, which is one reason that demand for the units has grown steadily for the past 20 years. In new homes and old ones, elevators are fast becoming the must-have feature for those owners who are over 60 and want a safe, functional way to move about their living space. Not only can a personal elevator boost the quality of life for those with mobility issues, but it can add to the value of any home and make it much easier to sell if owners decide to put it on the market. Compared to former versions of elevators that cost a pretty penny, today’s units are priced to move and come in a vast array of designs and sizes.

Learn Pickleball

Want to stay fit, have fun, and avoid the travails of twisted ankles, tennis elbow, and many other sports-related injuries? Explore the idea of learning to play pickleball, an exciting tennis-like game that’s played on a smaller court and seems perfectly designed for older bodies. The game has already begun to sweep the US, European, and Asian recreation scenes as thousands of retirement communities and gyms now include pickleball courts, lessons, and leagues as part of their standard offerings. If you want to learn the basics at home, check out a no cost video lesson before heading to the court. According to Anytime Sports Supply founder, “A healthy lifestyle begins with finding activities that bring joy and keep our bodies active. Don’t just play sports, play for life.”

Develop a Long-Term Financial Plan

For hard-working adults, one of their primary life goals is to develop financial stability. Some have the skills to write their own plans, while most hire professional planners or accountants to do the job for them. While everyone’s situation is unique, it’s important to review your plan to make sure that it includes components related to insurance, retirement, savings, and dealing with debt. Don’t procrastinate about money matters. It’s never too early to develop a personal financial plan, and even if you hire a pro to help you, the time and money are well spent.

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