Which province in Canada is best for retail jobs?

Encompassing almost 10 million square kilometres, Canada is one of the world’s largest countries, with the drive between Vancouver and Montreal clocking in at around 4,500 kilometres. It’s divided into 10 provinces (including Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia) and three territories (Northern Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut), each of which is unique in terms of its landscapes and urban cultures. 

If you’re making the move to Canada, there are a lot of factors to consider when selecting where to live, from the natural environment to the cost of living and job opportunities. In this article, learn which are the top provinces to look at if you’re in search of a retail job, based on figures collected in 2023. Of the 800,000 jobs that were available at the time of writing, it details five of the top provinces for retail opportunities and the overall state of the economies. 

Another factor to consider when moving to Canada is housing and how this will impact your day-to-day budget. This useful reference lists properties across the country, from apartments in Calgary to rental homes in Surrey. By browsing what is available, you can determine the average cost of housing in different parts of Canada and make an informed decision about where is the right place for you. 


Home to more than 14 million people, Ontario is the most populous province in Canada and one of the best places to find a retail job. It encompasses the large cities of Toronto and the Canadian capital, Ottawa, as well as the lakefront city of Mississauga. Ottawa has a powerhouse economy that accounts for 38% of the GDP, with manufacturing and the service industry among the leading sectors.

Of the 800,000 jobs posted at the time of reporting, Ontario had almost 19,000 retail jobs available, with the majority of those found in Toronto, Ottawa, and Mississauga. For people who want to live outside of the big cities, the communities of Stratford and Timmins are good alternatives, with both having thriving economies and good retail job prospects.

British Columbia

With a population of just over five million, British Columbia ranks third in terms of human inhabitants and is one of the best Canadian provinces for finding retail jobs. It’s home to the beautiful city of Vancouver and historic Victoria, as well as Surrey, which stretches between the Fraser River and the border with the United States.

British Columbia’s economy thrives on agriculture, tourism, and clean technology, as well as the film and television industry. At the time of reporting, there were around 9,500 retail jobs available in the province, with most of those based in Vancouver. People flock to the city and its scenic surroundings to enjoy the high standard of living it offers, with a growing number of retail ventures opening their doors.


With its vast natural resources, Alberta contributes significantly to Canada’s energy sector and has the highest per capita GDP of all the provinces. It’s a major producer of natural gas and crude oil, as well as having strong agriculture, manufacturing, and construction industries. Of the 57,000 jobs that were available at the time of reporting in Alberta, roughly 8,000 were in the retail sector.

With a higher average income and lower cost of living in Alberta compared to many other Canadian provinces, local residents often have money to spend. While the large cities of Calgary and Edmonton have the strongest economies in the province, there are plenty of beautiful towns where retail jobs aren’t hard to find.


Despite its small population (just over 1.3 million people), Manitoba has one of Canada’s strongest economies. It is also relatively diverse, with significant amounts of money generated by the real estate, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. Of the 11,000 jobs that were available at the time of reporting, around 1,600 were in the retail industry.

The central location of Manitoba is thought to contribute to its economic success, coupled with its skilled workforce and the affordability of running a business here. This makes it a great place for newcomers and entrepreneurs to get up and running, without having to worry about expensive costs associated with day-to-day living.


Rounding out our list is Saskatchewan, which had around 1,800 retail jobs available out of 10,000 at the time of reporting. Most of those were in the riverside city of Saskatoon and the capital, Regina, as well as in the centrally located city of Prince Albert. One of only two landlocked Canadian provinces, Saskatchewan is known for its natural beauty and rich First Nations heritage. 

Saskatchewan’s economy thrives on the back of the agriculture and resource industries (such as oil and uranium), and is diversifying into the renewable energy sector. Over the last few years, the province has grown in terms of population and investment, as well as employment opportunities, making it a great place to search for a retail job.

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