Five Ways to Make Long Distance Moving Easier

It is not for nothing that people say: “One move equals two fires”. And if it is a long-distance move to another country, province to province moving or to the other side of the country, things look even more complicated. The responsibility is high, and the risk of making a mistake causes panic. Let’s find out how to make the process as easy as possible.

Step 1: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

“The last time I moved, I took five boxes of stuff to the dumpster,” says Nana Renninger. “When my husband and I started carrying stuff from the apartment to the truck, we realised we could have thrown away just as much”.

Moving is a great way to get rid of junk. Moreover, experts advise you to revise your things in two stages. First, throw away everything that you do not need and then – everything that you regretted the first time. Consider getting a dumpster rental Aldie VA to help with this process

If things are good and carry them to the dump, do not want to – try to attach them for free through classifieds sites. But do not wait for new owners for more than a week – otherwise, it will slow down your moving process.

Another way to get rid of unwanted items in a fun and useful way is to organise a farewell party. Gather some friends and organise a giveaway of your belongings. At the same time, rid the refrigerator of food.

For some people, it can be especially miserable to part with clothes. The blouse that you rocked at the disco ten years ago brings back fond memories, but you hardly dare to go out in it now. If you have not worn the thing once in the last year – then you do not need it.

Step 2: The Box is a Stereotype

Many people think that the most convenient way to pack things is in boxes. This is not true. Different kinds of things need different packaging.

  1. Clothes. Jeans, shirts, dresses and other things will be most conveniently carried in balks or even garbage bags. Yes, it may seem careless, but nothing will happen to your clothes. At most – it will have to be ironed after the move. The same principle works with bed linens, towels, bedspreads and other decorative textiles. But it is better to be careful with shoes. To keep them in perfect condition, they should be stuffed with paper and packed in boxes.
  • Dishes and breakable objects. The best way to transport them is in plastic containers. They can be bought at IKEA for 150 rubles apiece. As a rule, they are sold together with lids, but such lids do not close tightly. Therefore, it is better to tie the container with ropes or scotch tape for the time of the move.
  • Books and decorative trifles. If you still have not mustered up the courage to throw away a picture frame dear to your heart and a collection of angels, which was given by your mother for the New Year 2008, then you will be helped by boxes. There, you can pack all the important and not-so-important little things. Don’t forget to sign what is in this or that box – it will save you time when you start unpacking them. And if there is something fragile inside, write about it in large letters so that the movers do not put a five-kilogram suitcase on top.

Step 3: Time is Money

Moving time is an important nuance if you care about your wallet. Most cargo cabs charge by the hour. The more time you spend on the road and the longer it takes to load and unload, the more it will cost you to move.

The best time to order a car is in the morning when there is still no traffic on the roads. As a rule, on weekends, it is before eleven o’clock in the morning. Take things outside before the truck arrives so you can load up faster and go to your new apartment.

Step 4: Operational Kit

Make a box with the things you’ll need first, so you don’t have to search through different bags and packages. This should include:

  • Soap and towel
  • Slippers
  • A change of home clothes
  • A kettle, a few glasses
  • First aid kit
  • Toilet paper

Everything you need to take a shower. You’re unlikely to get to everything on the bathroom shelves quickly, but you’ll want to rinse off on the first day. Maybe even more than once. It’s a good idea to have shampoo, loofah and shower gel on hand.

Unload this box first and set it apart from the rest of your stuff.

Step 5: Prepare the Apartment

You need to prepare not only yourself but also your new apartment for the move. Wash the floors, windows, plumbing, and furniture that is already there. If possible, bring a few stools in advance. Otherwise, you will have nowhere to sit down while the rest of the furniture is being assembled. Before bringing things and furniture into the apartment, cover the floor with a film.

At this Time

If you’re moving with furniture, even with all your will, you won’t be able to assemble and install it all on the first day. Throw all your efforts into the most necessary items: bed (sofa), closet, refrigerator, stove, table.


Collect documents and valuable things in a separate box. Transport it yourself, not trusting the movers.

Expert Opinion

Comments from the co-founder of High Stream Moving:

It’s most convenient to categorise things by room. Write the names of different rooms on the boxes with bright markers of different colours – one room, one colour. This will help the movers move things around the apartment faster and make unpacking easier. This system will save you up to 35% of the total moving time. First of all, we transport furniture, other things – after. At the same time, you should take into account that from the very beginning, you should leave the beds, items from the bathroom, kitchen equipment and dishes. This will help to avoid delaying the move and immediately start living in a new apartment.

One of the biggest problems with moving to big cities is that there is no way to drive into the right spot in the yard right away. Be sure to think about the possibility of the truck entering in advance! A day before the move, ask your neighbours not to park their cars at your entrance.

When ordering, describe the size, volume and approximate weight of the cargo as accurately as possible. This will help assign the right type of car and avoid delays.

Our company often encounters the ingenuity of movers. Some people who live in a 4-bedroom apartment move all their belongings into two rooms and order a move for a 2-bedroom apartment, hoping to save money. But in fact, this means that our movers, who know how to estimate the volume of transportation with one glance, will immediately realize that these things were in four rooms, not two. This will cause big problems with both the price and the timing of the move.

Helpful Lifehacks

Efforts in moving will help significantly reduce the vacuum bags – they will reduce the volume of pillows, blankets, and outerwear at times. The cost is not great.

If you have children and animals, on the day of the move it is better to give them to relatives. This will allow you to avoid distractions and unpack the essentials faster.

Take a picture of the back view of your appliances so you can see where the wiring goes.

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