3 Free RemoveBG Alternatives You Should Try Today

Have you been using RemoveBG to erase the backgrounds from your photos? Yeah, it gets the job done but if we’re being honest, the results are mediocre at best. The edges are often jagged, it miss spots, and it can make your images look unnatural. You deserve better.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to introduce you to 3 tools that will up your background removal game and make your photos look professionally edited.

Slazzer: Advanced Background Removal With AI

Slazzer uses artificial intelligence to detect edges and remove background from image

It’s free to use, and a super simple background remover. Just upload your image, click “Remove Background” and Slazzer will automatically detect the main subject and remove everything else.

The AI is accurate, handling even tricky areas like hair and transparent objects. And if it makes a mistake, you can use the editing tools to manually refine the results.

Slazzer supports batch processing so that you can remove backgrounds from multiple images at once.

Whether you need to edit product photos for your e-commerce store or create social media graphics, Slazzer has you covered.

PhotoRoom: A User-Friendly Alternative to RemoveBG

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use RemoveBG alternative, PhotoRoom is a great option to try. This free photo editing tool makes quick work of removing backgrounds from your photos.

Why deal with RemoveBG’s annoying watermarks when you can use PhotoRoom?

Its simple interface lets you upload a photo, select the area you want to cut out, and boom – background removed in seconds. No watermarks, no fuss.

PhotoRoom also gives you basic editing tools to tweak your new cutout.

You can smooth edges, adjust lighting, or erase stray hairs. For simple background removals, the automatic cutout tool works great. But for more complicated images with flyaway hair or blurred edges, the manual cutout tool gives you more control.

Give PhotoRoom a try the next time you need to remove a photo background.

Photoscissors: Quick and Easy Background Removal the Free Way

If you’re looking for a simple free tool to remove backgrounds from your photos, Photoscissors is a great option to try. This easy-to-use web app lets you upload an image and cut out the background in just a few clicks.

Unlike RemoveBG, Photoscissors is completely free to use. You don’t have to sign up or create an account. Just visit the website, upload your photo, and get started. The interface is very intuitive. You just select the “Cut Out” tool, then use your mouse or trackpad to roughly draw around the main subject of your photo. The AI will automatically detect the edges and refine the selection.

With a few minor adjustments, you’ll have a perfect cutout in no time. You can then download your new cutout photo to use however you like. The end result looks very natural since the AI blends and smooths the edges.

Photoscissors also has additional tools like “Colorize” to add color to black and white photos, “Enlarge” to upscale and enhance low-resolution images, and “Frames” to add stylish borders and effects. So you can do more than just background removal with this handy free photo editor.


So there you have it, three simple yet powerful alternatives to RemoveBG that you should definitely give a try.

Happy editing!

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