Five Improvements to Your Offices That Help Save Time Across the Company

Every business owner and manager knows the old adage “Time is money”. So, by making improvements to your offices, you can not only save time. You can also speed up efficiency and productivity. In turn, that enables you to make higher profits.

Here are five improvements that will help save time across your company.

1. Maximize the Layout of Your Offices

Firstly, consider the layout of your office. With a well-planned arrangement, there is potential to increase employee efficiency substantially.

Start by eliminating all unnecessary movement between and within workstations. For example, if your employees constantly need to move from their desks to use the photocopier, place the equipment closer to them.

Also, ensure walkways are not convoluted mazes that take time to walk around.

2. Create an Efficient Office Building Design

An effective building design can play a crucial role in saving company-wide time. Factors like natural light, noise levels, and airflow can significantly impact worker productivity and efficiency.

For instance, ample natural light keeps energy levels high while good sound insulation ensures fewer distractions.

So, look at your offices’ design with fresh eyes to see how you can adapt it to maximize employee productivity.

3. Add an Automatic Gate to Quickly Let in Staff and Visitors

When it comes to exterior office improvements, consider the advantages of installing an automatic sliding gate at your office entrance.

Not only will it add an extra layer of security. It will drastically reduce the time it takes for staff and visitors to enter the premises.

A manually operated gate requires a security person to open and close it, which can be time-consuming and inefficient. On the other hand, an automatic sliding gate speeds up this process considerably.

Not only that – these gates are capable of detecting incoming vehicles or people and operate accordingly. This hands-off approach is significantly more efficient in controlling traffic flow into your office complex.

So, with this solution, you can save precious minutes every day that result in considerable savings over the long run.

4. Install Energy-saving Features

Consider energy-saving features in your office building as another way to save time.

Automatic lights, for example, eliminate the need for employees to manually turn them on or off upon leaving rooms. That not only saves electricity. It also saves precious seconds throughout the day, which will add up over time.

5. Adopt Digital Solutions

In addition to adapting your brick-and-mortar offices, you can save time across the company by utilizing digital solutions. Here are some must-haves.

A Centralized Document Management System

Implement a centralized document management system. This digital solution gives staff immediate access to necessary files and documents. Instead of spending time searching through file cabinets or desk stacks, employees will have everything at their fingertips with a simple key-phrase search.

Project Management Software

Adopt project management software for meeting scheduling and task delegation responsibilities. It will speed up the process of assigning tasks across teams and tracking progress on projects seamlessly without hassle or wasting precious company hours.

Office-wide Instant Messaging Service

Streamline communication channels, too. Implementing an office-wide instant messaging service can free up a lot of time that would otherwise be spent writing and sorting through emails.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology provides easy access to documents regardless of location, which means work does not have to stop while out of the office.

Meeting Room Schedule Display

Implementing a digital schedule display outside each room in your offices can significantly reduce scheduling errors and misunderstandings that can eat into productive work hours.

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