How Can Small Businesses Improve Their Online Presence

Most people online prefer to shop in local and small businesses nowadays. It means you may miss out on reaching your target customers if your small brand doesn’t have an online presence. But where can you start building your reputation?

You must choose the right networks and proper marketing strategies to compete with local competitors online. Building your digital presence isn’t the same as developing one for a vast national brand. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars for your online presence to make an impact. You can just start small with the following things:

Choose the Right Networks

Whether you’re a small or large business or just a consumer, you know the world of social media is here to stay. As such, businesses should take advantage of this information. If you still haven’t established your social media presence, don’t fret. There’s still time, and you’ll surely enjoy the benefits of your effort. 

Choosing the correct networks for your business enables you to improve your brand’s social customer service, communicate with customers, and reach new audiences. A solid set of networks can build authority and drive traffic to your websites, and you’ll see how a strong reputation can truly benefit a business. 

Thus, choosing the correct networks for your small business is first on this list. A practical online presence strategy can drive the growth of your business by fostering loyal (and hopefully lasting) relationships with your prospects and customers. 

A good rule of thumb is picking the most popular to your audiences and goals. Read the following to get you started:


Shopify is perfect for small businesses since it’s an all-in-one commerce platform. It’s a great e-commerce website builder that small brands like you can use to build their online stores and sell products on other third-party marketplaces or social media platforms. You can even use it as a shopping destination and delivery tracking app like TikTok. 

Moreover, like other social media networks, you can maximize Shopify potential with proven SEO techniques like optimizing your metadata, creating a site hierarchy, utilizing data-driven keyword research, incorporating engaging media, and more. 


Facebook is undeniably the largest platform, with 2.89 billion active monthly users. It’s ideal for small businesses that want to build relations and generate leads. Depending on what product you’re selling, you may even start your selling business here, which many companies/people seem to do when opening a startup company since many of your target customers are active on this social media.


LinkedIn is great for B2B and B2C businesses since the network is excellent for business networking. Establishing yourself on LinkedIn allows you to create trust, engage audiences, and build authority with customers and other businesses and corporations. 

Twitter or ‘X’

Is your primary audience under 50? If so, Twitter or ‘X’ is the perfect social media for you since its platform is immediacy. It’s advisable for those with prospects who prefer staying on top of time-sensitive information, e.g., trending topics, announcements, and breaking news. 

You may ‘tweet’ about your products and services through this social media network to reach target customers since it would reach their feed. 


Did you know that Instagram was so successful after 2 years of launching the app that it was bought by Facebook in 2012? The success of Instagram is thanks to its intention to stay true to its original goal, which is allowing its users to post photos and videos from their mobile devices. 

Instagram is many small businesses’ go-to social media network, especially in the make-up industry. That’s because many of a make-up brand’s target audiences are on Instagram. 


We saw rapid growth in TikTok’s users during the COVID-19 pandemic. This network has excellent usability, a considerable music directory, and unique filters that attract the younger demographic. Furthermore, people can easily shop from the website and get their items delivered. 

Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Maximize Shopify Potential with Proven SEO Techniques
Maximize Shopify Potential with Proven SEO Techniques

Improving your social media presence is valuable. However, it’s only the beginning. Developing a marketing strategy is a great way to go if you want to achieve an iron-clad online presence. You can start by figuring out the following things since knowing the following impacts your strategy significantly:

  • Who are your target audiences 
  • What topics and subjects they may be interested in
  • When and on what networks your content will be published in
  • What kind of content do you still have to create or curate
  • The usable content that your website and platforms already has

Create an Engaging Website

For many small businesses, an engaging and stunning website would be all they need. However, many small businesses still don’t have their website. Freelancers need to have this item so that you can improve their online presence and establish their brand. 

If you don’t know a thing about code, you hire a website builder or an IT guy to create a beautiful and professional webpage that your customers can easily use on multiple mobile devices. 

Final Thoughts

Be consistent with maintaining your online presence. Continue to evaluate how your marketing strategies are working on various search engines and social media platforms, and make the necessary adjustments as possible. After all, being consistent with your online platforms can help establish your credibility and enable customers to trust your brand. 

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