Securing Retail’s Frontlines: Innovative Approaches at RCC’s Retail Secure Conference

In an era marked by heightened risks and evolving threats, Retail Council of Canada (RCC) is stepping up to empower retailers. The Retail Secure Conference, scheduled for March 21, 2024, is a crucial convergence of minds and ideas aimed at bolstering the safety and integrity of retail spaces across the country.

Amidst increasing incidents of theft, violence, and organized retail crime, this conference emerges as a beacon of hope and collaboration. It’s an opportunity for retailers to arm themselves with knowledge and strategies essential for navigating these turbulent times. With a focus on protecting people, stores, and data, the conference builds upon recent collaborative efforts among retailers, police agencies, and government. 

The day-long event, curated by retail loss prevention experts, is a unique blend of education and celebration. 

Retail Secure 2024 kicks off with the inaugural Retail Secure Legends Awards Breakfast, recognizing outstanding retail loss prevention individuals, at various levels of their careers, who have demonstrated exceptional skill, innovation, and dedication in safeguarding businesses.  

A range of pressing topics will be explored at Retail Secure. From managing workplace violence with empathy and resilience, to navigating the complex world of retail fraud, each session is designed to offer actionable insights and practical solutions. Speakers and panelists, specialists and retailers drawn from diverse sectors will share their expertise on subjects like global supply chain threats, privacy concerns, and effective strategies for combating retail crime.

The agenda is meticulously crafted to ensure that every participant, regardless of their role, gains valuable knowledge. Store managers, IT professionals, finance leaders, and loss prevention experts will find sessions tailored to their needs, fostering a holistic approach to retail security.

Concluding with a relaxing cocktail reception, RCC’s Retail Secure Conference promises not only a wealth of information but also an invaluable opportunity to expand professional networks. It’s a chance to meet and learn from the best in the industry, forming connections that could shape the future of retail security.

To be a part of this pivotal event, secure your tickets at advantage of the Special Early Bird rate with a $100 discount per ticket until February 21, 2024. Groups of five or more can enjoy an additional 20% discount, making it a perfect team-building and mentoring opportunity for junior professionals.

Don’t miss this chance to learn, connect, and celebrate the champions of retail loss prevention. Join us at the Retail Secure Conference 2024 – where collaboration leads to innovation and excellence.

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